Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So yesterday was Natha's birthday...

...and I'm still thinking about it today. He seemed to have a good (if not just tiring) birthday - he didn't get up until almost 9am this morning. We went to Toot's for lunch and they sang to him, then Chuck E. Cheese where we spent about $50 and ended up with 870 tickets which bought Natha a plastic kid's toolset, then to Logan's where they got everyone in the restaurant to do a big 'Yee-haw' in honor of the Goobster. We also made some kick-ass cupcakes which Natha's trying to get me to let him have and I won't... Ed had one before breakfast, though. I took a bite out of one last night and that was it for me. It's amazing how my tastes have changed from sweet, rich things (I used to just eat whipped frosting by itself) to saltier junk food (like the Taco Bell I broke down and ate for lunch today - sorry honey!)

I went to the YMCA with the intention to run about 2 miles, but the whole time I was thinking about how much I really wanted to eat Taco Bell, sit on the couch, and watch Dr. Phil. We picked up Natha's shoes which were inadvertently lost at the Parent's Night Out he went to on friday night (which is another topic itself) and then I noticed that the nursery was closed - I had thought it was open but it wasn't. We tried to go the gym and play basketball, but there wasn't an open goal or unclaimed ball in sight. So, I took it as a sign, grabbed Natha's shoes, and stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. Dr. Phil, like usual, made me thankful to have the family (son & husband, particularly) that I have, and I even turned off the TV and didn't watch Oprah because it was advertising something *way* more dramatic than I wanted to put up with. I went and finished cleaning the bathrooms - the house is (somwehat) clean now! Ya know, it's really unfortunate that I don't like cleaning more. I think that's one of my flaws - yes, I do have them. I did clean up my car and remove most of my bumper stickers on saturday, though - I finally hit the point where I was embarassed to be caught in my own car and had to do something about it. It looks like an entirely different car now!

Natha's got to get ready for karate class - he's been watching Futurama for the last couple hours upstairs - he had wanted to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force but I talked him down to Futurama - I told him it was about space. Which it was... and he's always liked the Simpsons...

I'm trying to find a bank to let Natha open a savings account as a child's account, but I can't seem to find any information in general on the internet - all of the adult ones make you pay a fee without a minimum balance. Anyone got any ideas??



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