Monday, June 27, 2005

So Natha's added 'fancypants' to his vocabulary...

...and also seems more interested in reading and is picking up on the letters. Ed didn't realize that fancypants isn't something that everyone says... sure, he's not the only one that says it, but it's not something *everyone* says. There's lots of stuff like that that we teach him, either intentionally or in passing. Like that the Who is cool and that you can have something 'galore', like 'dinosaurs galore'. There's something like that every day... like today, I realized that he may not understand how strong he is when he jumps on someone or squeezes them when he hugs. So, I told him. We'll see if it sinks in.

It was funny yesterday... we realized (and started acting like) it was our 1st anniversary finally, considering it was really on saturday. It depends, as always, when you start counting and what you're anniversarizing, like first meeting, first kiss, or first date. I know, it's such a girl thing to anniversarize things. In that respect, I am most definitely a girl. Anyways, Ed was on the phone and I was trying to catch his attention by being scantily clad and enticing him without talking. After he was finished talking he said that yes, I was hot, but that what he really thought was smokin' was when I was talking about something. I then remembered the articles I had just read in Scientific American that I thought he should read and gave him a quick version on what they discussed (Shermer's article on conspiracy theories. Then he was *really* interested, since I was not just hot, but a dork too. I thought that was cool. I didn't realize how much of *me* he was attracted to because of what I think about and bring up, not just what I physically look like...

I can't remember whether I've talked about this or not, but Ed looks different to me sometimes. It's not a tangible, physical difference, but more like a different light, I suppose? I don't know when it's going to happen, but it happens quite a bit, especially lately. Sometimes we're talking about something that we hadn't talked about before, and I find out something new. Sometimes, though, there isn't anything new, and my eyes just see him different than I'd seen him before. I don't know why it happens, but it does. It's also pretty cool that it happens. :)

In the spirit of my last post, I'd like to credit the kids & friends I'm around that have shaped my musical tastes...

From Natha, my re-realized liking of 80's music - particularly 'Video Killed the Radio Star' and 'Wake me up before you go-go'

From my brother, Al, even though he doesn't know it, I think of They Might Be Giants songs of all kinds - they seems like something he'd really like if he doesn't already. I need to get my stuffin' together and send him a CD of it.

From Erin, my liking of the Pizzicato 5 and Mason Jennings, not to mention my unfortunate, guilty pleasure listening of racially distasteful music.

From Ed, my newfound liking of psychadelia - I didn't realize I liked it until he showed me how cool it is... and it just sounds good - it's good music, which is rare nowadays.

Natha's watching SpongeBob now. Ah, I love the 'snail' named Gary that is a cat.

Dr. Phil is interesting today - it's about parents who resent their children for various reasons... whether it's because a father is wanting to spend more time with the pinball machine than the kid, or an impossible 4 year old who runs the house. Sure, I've been with a 4 year old that runs the house, but I know now it's not too late if you make the right changes, drastic as they may be. I'm going to go watch Dr. Phil's ideas on why the kid is doing what he is. TTYL...


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