Friday, June 17, 2005

So I was watching the Cosby show yesterday...

...and I would like to think that Ed and I approach family and children like Clair & Cliff... they find a lot of humor in everyday things, support their children but foster their independence, and deal with issues when they arise in such a way that assumes that their children are capable of solving the problem - even if they don't want to or don't choose to at first. I'd like to hope that we interact with Natha that way plus keeping intelligent careers that are different in nature... they're not the same person, they're just very compatible.

I just spent about half an hour looking for the name of one of the monsters he got in his package of Godzilla figurines - the closest thing I could find is that it's Destoroyah Crab form - but it looks more like a spider or scorpion form than a crab form. I think we'll just call it Destoroyah Crab, though, for simplicity's sake.

We're just hanging out today - we might go to the Cumberland Science museum tomorrow or maybe sunday, but I didn't want to go today because I wanted Ed to go with us since I thought he'd enjoy the experience...

Natha and I are going to go take Ed some stuff he forgot this morning, then it's time for lunch, then a 'rest' for Natha... oh, the life of a mom... :)


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