Friday, June 10, 2005

So I did this internet job predictor for us 3 family members...

and here's what it said:

Natha, Your ideal job is a Top Gun Pilot.

Eduardo, Your ideal job is a Professional Tramp.

and finally...

Leigh, Your ideal job is a God for everyone.

It's always entertaining to be given a God complex by an internet job predictor. Makes you think about how you've been living you life, and those so-called goals that you set. :)

I'm more stressed out than freaked out today - Natha's leg turned up with another suspicious bump after he had one appear on his chin a couple days ago, so I took him to the doctor. They said it's not bug bites, but a bacterial infection in the skin. They're concerned it might be MRSA - a link to more info on that is here:

So they took a sample of the (for lack of a more polite word) pus that comes out of it and are going to culture it to see if they need to change the antibiotic. He's just on a regular broad-spectrum antibiotic at the moment (starting tonight). The Dr who was taking the culture tricked us by not telling us she was going to squeeze it - and the culture really hurt him. That's one of the things that was stressing me out earlier - but I feel much better now that we met Ed for a late breakfast at Waffle House.

Ooh - I get to go see The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl this afternoon - and it's in 3D! I'm sure you'll all want to go with me, but you can't, sadly. I know, you'll just have to feel silly for buying a ticket for an adult without the child's ticket. I think that, for movies like this, if you buy a child's ticket, you should get an adult ticket for free. That, or they should allow you to just drop the kid off and *they* have to sit through the movie. They shouldn't make you do *both*. I'd rather be reading Walden, honestly.

So I'm chillin' downstairs, and Natha's upstairs watching Destroy All Monsters. Yes, he like the old ones - even he knows that the Broderick version from 1998 was crap and shouldn't be tolerated. He likes the ones from the 1960's the best. Especially those ones worthy of MST3K. He's also turning into a video game ninja - Ed taught him how to press the series of buttons to allow him to enter a cheat code, then enter the numbers for it too - and it's 6 numbers long. Video games are responsible for him being more able to sit still, telling left from right, A from B, and for reading numbers. If only they'd make a video game that taught them to read. I think that's a gold mine waiting to be tapped... to bad I'm not a video game developer. The problem with most things that teach kids to read is that they're stuffy, boring, and cheezy, and don't make it cool to read - that goes for the people, too, not just the computer games/board games/etc.

So I made the prime mistake that Natha does all the time with food of various types (namely yogurt, really) - I went on the cover of a book as to its true contents instead of thinking it through thoroughly and realizing that it's not a good as the outside package makes it seem to be. Natha does it all the time with fancy-schmancy yogurt like Gogurt and Trix yogurt - he thinks that it's going to be good since the package looks cool, then realizes the yogurt tastes like crap compared to the regular fruit blends dannon yogurt I buy. It's funny because he'll go to make the same mistake again in asking for it, I remind him that he didn't like it last time he got it, then he stops wanting it because he remembers. I did it with The Lost World - I forgot, as Ed says, that it is horribly Victorian. I even started reading it out loud last night and stopped in favor of continuing with Charlotte's Web which was a much more interesting and reasonable choice.

I think that if I do get this whole Natha-at-home thing to work, I'll end up writing in here more often - it's my adult break since I only get 3 calls during the day to Ed because he doesn't want to talk to me (just kidding, sweetie) and the Brentwood wives and the Barnes & Noble don't really want to hear about video games, godzilla, or breakthroughs in biology. Those topics are for the dry-brained menfolk, not us precious little ladies, I know, but I can't help myself - it's what I think about.

Ed drew a lovely schematic for me the other day as a way of expressing his thoughts toward me forwarding him the weekly emails I get from Science magazine about the highlights of the recent literature and synopses of their recent articles. I had sent him an article talking about a new method for sexing dinosaur bones based upon a bony structure only found on female modern-day birds. He proceeded to draw a stick figure of indeterminate ethnicity (including mustache & beard) with glasses - with an arrow pointing to this figure's brain stating that it was interested in math. He then drew a taller stick figure with glasses and boobs, pointing to the brain saying 'boring science'. He then asked me to place the phrase 'Birds have Bones' into the correct category... Unfortunately he had to erase it to make room for some other project he was planning, but it was funny. Like Ed & Sean say, all good jokes should require a whiteboard.

I suppose I should go check on Da Kid. I've decided he's old enough to have one movie a day, of which I don't need to watch with him. I can go downstairs, alert him of my location, and do something I want to do. We'd be at the zoo or at the pool, but with his infection he can't go to either right now... He's come down here twice with two things for me - a Mecha-Rodan made from legos, and a set of tinkertoy nunchucks. They're quietly taking a nap next to me... Natha's asking me how to 'press start' on the calculator sitting next to me... now I have to explain that it's *not* a video game.

Oh, and I need to remember to delve into our (Ed and I's) idea for making scientific equipment entirely out of legos. I'm sure we'd sell lots of them, too!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ITs bad that you are giving up on that lab gig and leaving them high and dry. Not like you to turn your tail and run. I feel sorry for that lab, don't they have limited budgets. Hope they didnt buy you anything.

Not like you.

12 June, 2005 11:16  

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