Monday, June 06, 2005

So I'm finished teaching for the first day...

...and I must admit I felt a bit freaked out this morning since it's the first time I've taught since I decided to become a teacher. Sure, it shouldn't make a difference, but it does - before, it was just fun and now it's what I'm working toward... Once I got in the class and set things up properly, the students came in and I felt at ease - like I was at home, doing what I should be. So I'm ok. I knew I would be, but that doesn't mean that I didn't get temporarily freaked.

I'm supposed to meet Ed and Chris for lunch today for a late lunch - hopefully everything is working fine with the roll-out so they don't have to work a ton this week... they worked all weekend, so hopefully the fruits of their labors don't have too big of rotten spots.

Ok, so there's a guy here on TV, one of the religious channels, that is talking about 'god' giving people physical flaws to keep people in line and keep them from getting uppity (ok, so he calls it staying humble.) He's also talking about how the grace of 'god' and how that is enough to get you through when you've got problems therefore you should feel good about persecution, illness, and other infirmities. Somehow I don't buy it, though. Sorry to all you christians - it won't work on me. If you're not convinced that you can't persuade me, read the post from yesterday about what I was teaching Natha. I'll listen to a somewhat rationally-spoken soliloquy, but that doesn't mean I'm changing my mind. :)

I also went through a channel where there was a phone number to call 'for prayer' - how exactly does that work? Do I call, give them my name and problem, and they have people that are designated to pray for whoever calls in? Or do you get added to a list that gets read to someone? Maybe they put you on a list, then they procure prayer volunteers (who maybe call in and say that they don't already have enough to do, so they'd like to pray for someone to pass the time?) I really do wonder how these things work. If they have people that they hire and keep on a payroll to pray, then what about the person who gets fired for just mouthing the words and not saying it with enough umph? Does some other employee then have to re-pray for the person who called in, since it probably didn't 'take' the first time? These are the things that I think about sometimes. I also wonder if I should just go and put my fingers on the door and not the door handle when I open the door at a business, because it's good for the economy - the more of a mess I make when I visit there, the more cleaning people they need, which creates more jobs. I also try and keep things clean, though, since I don't like to make people clean things up after me because it's not polite. I always get stuck on that one. I also wonder if the normies ever think of things like this. But then I remember - they're normies.

So I'm waiting to eat lunch - there's a storm a-brewin' outside, though. Here you think it can't be any more humid outside, then it storms outside. For those of you who haven't been to the South, you can't quite imagine it unless you've experienced it. I like it, though, in a weird kind of way...

I've got to go get dressed - I wear jeans & a t-shirt when I teach, but I've adapted to wearing skirts and looking like a girl - so I'm going to change before I go to lunch, so my honey has a wife and not just some chick who's hanging out with them...

Istanbul, not Constantinople - now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople. Been a long time gone, Constantinople.
(I need to make a copy of that CD and send it to Alan - it's something all 13 year old boys need to hear.)


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