Thursday, June 02, 2005

So I'm home from a day full-o'-errands...

I also went to the Chinese buffet with Ed and Sean late this afternoon... I also went by school to start getting ready for teaching next week... I put quite a bit of time into preparing to teach classes - time schedules, grading pre-lab and post-lab assignments, and making sure that I have the correct supplies ready. At this point, I'd rather just do all that stuff so that I know that they're done up to my standards... Yes, I know that makes it more difficult for me. I don't care what's difficult, though, I care about what's done right. I'm also finding out what I have to do to get teacher licensure and conversely what I need to do to get a Master's degree in Education, then looking at the requirements and seeing which one is the best for the time needed. I've got a meeting tomorrow morning, so I'll know then whether I need to take education classes this summer or whether the classes I need to take are only offered during the year...

Ed's having someone take him back here - I dropped him off so he could work after we ate the Chinese food, then came back here. It's nice I don't have to go out - I've gotten really tired here in the last hour, and I'm thinking about taking a nap... Who knows if I'll get that done...

Natha's up at my parents' house in Kentucky this week - he went up there monday night, when my sister & co. drove through Nashvegas on their way back to Kentucky. My stepdad had cataract surgery on tuesday, so he's off work all week, and my grandparents are there now too. So there has been lots of sleeping naked and eating ice cream (though not simultaneously most of the time) and all kinds of other things that are best done (and appropriate) when there aren't any kids around.

I have to say that I bought, today, two of the funniest T-shirts I've ever seen - I found them on - I got the Oregon Trail t-shirt and the 'Greece' one. I like to wear them when I teach, partially to show people that I know about things other than biology and partially to draw the students' attention in my direction... Plus, they're comfortable and funny.

Ed's going to spend a bit of time with me before he's working for the rest of the night - we'll probably just watch TV for a bit - don't want to do much else. I'll probably go back to organizing things when he's working... I've also got an office to 'arrange' upstairs... but who knows when that'll get done. Especially when there's VH1 to watch! Yeah!

Ah, he's coming up here now - I suppose I should pay *some* attention to him... ;)


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