Sunday, May 08, 2005

So today is Mother's day and I'm a mother...

it's by no means my *first* Mother's day, but it's a much different one than I usually have... I'm sitting here now with Natha, and he's of course playing Godzilla Destroy All Monsters - Ed's taking his mom to the airport - she's been here the last couple days. Ah, the first mother-in-law visit. That went really well (not that I thought it wouldn't), and it's now over... We really are two similar people considering we're so different otherwise, and that's becoming more evident the more I'm around her...

Ed bought me a ring this saturday, but it had to be sent off to some magic ring-sizing-land because everyone thinks that girls don't come in my size (8.5). :) It's a very pretty ring - Ed did very well. He's been remarking that I'm not excited enough about the presence of a ring... I'm trying to be very excited, as excited as one can be about a ring that hasn't been able to show up yet. I've been aware that I was, at some time, going to get a ring from Ed. So as great as it is that he's bought it, it's still not here - so it's hard to be overwhelmingly excited, although I am, really. I'm not sure how to react to someone giving me a ring. The only rings I've gotten I've gotten myself, and the only jewelry that has been bought for me has been from my mother - excepting the lovely earrings and necklace Ed's bought for me. So I'm sure how to react at all - this is uncharted territory... I hope he realizes that it's not that I'm not very excited, I'm not sure how to react and what I should do to show this excitement, short of sexual favors. ;)

We also spent a long time in Target this morning - just looking around at things and buying stuff. I'm ecstatic that he's bought me some nice skirts today, especially the one I'm wearing now. We got a bunch of shoes of various kinds for all three of us... which we somewhat needed. i'm tired now, though. We've been doing lots of shopping and hanging out - and I'm going through the 'really tired' phase after something big I've been doing is finished (in this case, school for the semester.) I should have some time to unwind tomorrow, and catch up on a few things before my meeting on tuesday... I've also got to see if the yoga instructor I like is still teaching on monday nights - if so I'll go tomorrow... then Ed and I are just going to hang out tomorrow night and do stuff for us, which I'm looking forward to...

We had a long talk last night about how next semester we'll both be very busy, and there's a potential to be too busy... and I'm trying to see what I (and we) can do to keep this from happening - which we may not be able to keep it from happening, and I'll just have to accept that. It was a good talk - mainly, amazingly enough, because we both didn't see the situation the same way and felt completely differently about what to do. It's good to have a talk like that every once in a while, so we remember we can work things out when we have very different opinions on what should be done. No screaming, yelling, name-calling, or otherwise bringing up things that don't belong in the conversation. We stuck to the issue, took some time, and even though we didn't resolve anything, we do know how each of us feels about what's coming up, and what, if anything we think should be and could be done about the situation. Most people try and avoid relationship problems, or things that need to be discussed in relationships, mainly because they're not good at talking about what needs to be talked about - and by not good, I mean not effective. I'd hope that we could work things out, or at least understand each other - we are, after all, going to be together for at least the next 70 years - then we're free to date. It would be difficult to keep us from killing each other otherwise. :)

I love my hunni bunni. Very much, I say!


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