Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So now he's playing Godzilla...

which I don't care to play, other than in destruction mode (where you see how many buildings you can squash compared to the other players). Natha likes to fight with them, and even when we're playing destructions mode he tries to pick Ed & I up and throw us. Nothing like some family time playing video games... :)

I'm about to fix dinner, and I've pretty much unpacked everything and I'm down to doing laundry, which will take the next couple days... I also need to clean the house, but I might just wait until this weekend to do that. I've got quite a few things due friday, and I want to be able to spend time with Ed on thursday when he comes back instead of trying to finish presentations...

I went to Harris Teeter today with Natha to get DanActive and flowers... nothing like that store to make you feel like a you're taken care of. You have to watch what you buy, but I always feel a notch higher in the social order just for walking in the place.

Man, Natha can kick some butt in that Godzilla game - he's beat three monsters in a row with Megalon, which he's better with Anguirus than he is Megalon. He was upset earlier because we didn't have all the monsters unlocked and he wanted to show me how he could pick Godzilla up with Mecha-King Ghidorah's tail and stomp on him... I'll just have to have Ed tell me how to look up the cheat codes...

So it looks like I'm getting married. I kinda see it as making an honest woman out of me - which is odd, since I wouldn't have thought I would have cared whether I was married technically, or if I just had the person and I living in the same house. But I do (geez, that's a clever pun...) I also can't wait to have his last name, as long yet distinguished as it is... he told me I couldn't have it until I could pronounce it correctly, with the trilled 'r'. I've been practicing, though. I've made it this far, and I'm not going to be prevented from the official-way-of-things because I can't say something right. :)

My mom suggested to Ed that I could have her engagement ring from when she married my dad - since she's remarried she doesn't wear it, and it's mine in the will anyways. I asked her what shape it was, and it's diamond shaped, and about 7/8 of a carat. I'll get it reset, but I'm not sure how. I don't think it's been decided whether I am going to use this as my engagement ring or as my wedding ring, and whether I'm going to have it reset to be worn every day (since I wear gloves & work in the lab I'm more limited) or just pretty occasions and wear a band-ish thing as the wedding ring. It's been decided, however, that Ed won't wear a ring most of the time - it's not a good thing for those working on electrical things to have a metal band around their finger, and let's just say it's not because the ladies constantly chase them around and they want to take advantage. That's what Ed told me, at least. (Just kidding, honey, I know they're after you - that's why I 'take care' of them quickly and with little mess.)

Since there's not going to be much to-do involved with the marriage part, I've been thinking about some sort of gathering in celebration. I'll have to see what he wants to do with that... I'd rather not get married in Nashville, but I don't care much otherwise. We could be like my parents, who got married halfway through their honeymoon trip to Scotland. Or get married one weekend while we're away, then have a bigger 'reception' party sometime. I suppose I should be talking about these things with Ed, since he's the other involved party instead of broadcasting the idea for all to see... I'm just excited, that's all, and it's what's on my mind. I really had become comfortable with the idea of possibly not gettting married, but I'm still very giggly when it's apparent that it's going to become a reality.

I'm hungry, so it's time to fire up the grill, I think. Let's hope I don't char my eyebrows like my mom did one time. Hotdogs don't take a high temperature, so we should be ok...

I miss Ed. He'll be back soon, though. He'll be back soon. (Instructions: Repeat until ok with situation.)


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