Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So I'm still at school but about to go get the kid...

and do nothing but whatever he wants to do (within reason, of course.) We'll probably play hide-and-seek and some Godzilla on the gamecube, then have barbecue sandwiches with beans for dinner (even more fun!)

I'm sure Natha will be happy to see me, but he'll be sad that Ed's not there. (Ed, no reason to come back early, but he's aware of your absence.) He asks me when I pick him up from school most of the time if Ed's going to be at home when we get there, or if he's at school, so he's paying attention and isn't nearly as excited when Ed's not there for some reason. I think he sees Ed as being a gift, someone cool to play with and talk to, but someone that will help him with whatever he needs help with. Not to mention seeing Ed as someone who loves him and makes sure he's safe and has the stuff he wants to eat, like chorizo... I'm not at all surprised that Natha sees Ed that way - that's a lot of how I see him too. We're both very glad and eternally grateful that he's appeared and isn't going away, at least not yet.

So, I miss my hunnibunnies (both of them) so I'm going to go get one of them, then I'll see the other one thursday when I pick him up from the airport. Let's hope he hasn't been toothing too much and isn't too tired for some pernicious snuggling then. (Just kidding about the toothing part...)

Oh, I need to mention that Natha told my mom a secret the other day - that he thought that Ed and I were going to get married, which would make him his 'stepgrandpa'. My mom cleared up the title confusion, then told *my* stepdad what Natha had said... and Natha made a face at my mom because she had told a secret to someone else... :) I guess I'll talk about the marriage thing more later...


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