Sunday, February 27, 2005

So I followed this link from my friend Erin's site...

(her site being and here are the results:

I am worth $2,116,276.00 on

Ha! What fun! I wonder what Ed's worth! He's spanish, which automatically raises his value, I'm sure!!!

I got a bunch of stuff sorted through for moving today in a very short span - about 3 hours. I kept thinking, 'This will make someone else really happy' whenever I was aobut to save something I shouldn't. Note that I'm taking this stuff to the Salvation Army, I think. If anyone has a a better charity they'd prefer that has a location in Nashville where I can drop off a *bunch* of stuff, let me know and I'll take it there instead... It's a bunch of kid's clothes, my clothes, toys, and some semi-collectible stuff...

I know this may sound a bit vulgar (for me) but Ed and I had a *really* good time this weekend with the adult activities since Natha wasn't here. With stuff going on lately and getting ready to move, we've been so tired that we hadn't had the 'when you first start dating' kind of interaction in a while... I had kind of forgot that we could do stuff like that... and that he's a rock star in that area... *nudge nudge wink wink* (Honey, I'll take out this paragraph if you object... just let me know, dear)

I've got to go to bed... I was up late last night since Sean, David, and some other dude & I went out downtown. I remembered why I don't go out every friday, and I'm completely happy staying home for the next month or so, at least... 'Ick' is all I can say about the experience (not because of the company, though, because of the atmosphere ;))

Another busy week commences tomorrow morning... We'll see how the organic chemistry test goes... I'm studying tomorrow afternoon since I *don't* have class...

I want to get a copy of Hamster Huey & the Gooey Kablooie... I wonder if anyone has got one to sell... :)


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