Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So I've got some *really* important information for you all...

before I go to sleep, since I'm exhausted:

a school of fish
a cloud of grasshoppers
a sloth of bears
a business of ferretts
a troop of monkeys
a plague of locusts
a bloat of hippos
an army of caterpillars
a crash of rhinos
a stand of flamingos
a murder of crows
a gaggle of geese
a string of ponies
a skulk of foxes
an ostentation of peacocks
a knot of toads
a trip of goats
a rafter of turkeys
a husk of hares
a paddling of ducks
a game of whales
a drift of hogs
a smack of jellyfish
a clowder of cats

have fun with those!
(either the peacocks or toads are my favorites...)

As Ed would say in a proper 'Suthun' voice, 'My stars! Pardon me, but I must now bid you adieu.'



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like "army of catapillars"

17 February, 2005 07:24  

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