Sunday, February 13, 2005

So I've got to dye my hair again tomorrow...

Red, of course. I've been red for a while now, since last september. I think it suits me. Everyone thought I was nuts when I first did that - I was previously blonde... Oh, and I'm not going to link to anything quite yet - I'm not up to learning enough HTML to mess with that. I've got cAMP and bacteriophages on the brain after finishing the quiz for one of my classes. So, you can go see my sweetie's blog at and my best friend's blog/website at if you'd like. I'm sure they don't mention me much, but oh well - they can't say I don't mention them.

So I'm about to move from east Nashville to Brentwood - if you're familiar with Nashville, you'll understand the change I'm heading toward. I'll be moving mostly during my spring break, so that helps, but I'm still hyper-busy this semester. That's good because I'm trying to change little things about myself slowly, to make myself a better person. I'm all about the personal growth, or at least I'm trying to be. The most recent thing I've given up is credit cards and buying things I don't need - I'm all cash-based now, which is a good feeling. This started back a while ago, almost 2 years ago - I started trying not to bounce checks and making note of every single thing I bought - then I became a devotee of Suze Orman. She has a show on MSNBC on weekends, and her website - I also became an inductee, they'd say, into the cult of organization that is Franklin Covey. You can check out that system at - I'm lost without that planner. People wonder how I keep everything straight and get so much done, but I'm so calm, well... that's how. If you ever see me running around like a headless chicken, it's for one of two reasons - I've left my planner at home that day, or I've drank too much caffeine. The latter's more common than the former, though, and sometimes funnier. K, it's time for bed. I've been on the 'puter too long today, for sure. Dude; Dude! Dude? Dude...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best friend here---in my defense...I don't mention anyone on my solipsistic blog. I will have to make a point of it going forward though. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

13 February, 2005 22:16  

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