Monday, February 14, 2005

So I'm back, after a toiling day at the graduate school...

I guess I should change the title of the blog back to 'Yes, I know I'm weird...' since I officially love organic chemistry. We finally started that today after reviewing for the last few weeks. I also had an interesting day teaching - I had these two girls who knew they were trying to pull a fast one on the quiz that I gave the other day by both writing the exact same answers to the short-answer quiz, then they look completely surprised when I told them they got a 10%. I wouldn't tell them why until they come speak to me at office hours tomorrow - I wasn't going to discuss such things in front of everyone else, it's not ladylike. I forgot to tell this class that I used to be a private investigator as a way to make them straighten up & fly right like I did to my students last semester... Like taking care of highly self-important clients with no resources to produce an ethereal product makes me able to detect who's cheating & who's not, but like they know better. It just sounds scary and like something not to tempt the fates with.

Ed & I got some chinese food for dinner & watched the Daily show. He keeps saying that 'this isn't very romantic' and stuff like that, but I keep replying that it's the other 364.25 days I'm more concerned with. If he wasn't fulfilling the romance quotient the rest of the time & trying to make up for it one particular day when the rest of them there minions feel it's flowers=redemption day I'd have a problem with it. Since he passes inspection with flying colors plus a bag of oreos, I don't feel he needs to go to extraneous measure this *one* day out of the year. Little things every couple days are enough for me. I'm not greedy - I just prefer the sweetness installment plan instead of the lump-sum of lovey-dovey most people expect. I've always put different value on things than most people - I get more romance out of his support when I'm disciplining my child than a bucketful of flowers handed to me in a pretty vase. Anyone can buy flowers, but not everyone's there when you finally decide to give your child a spanking that hurts because he's semi-heathen-ish, a smart aleck, and it's long overdue. I appreciate the flowers, honey, I do. Don't get me wrong. I just find a lot of romance in a lot of little things, and the rules aren't like everyone else's. I'm just skewed like that.

I forget that I used to be a jock sometimes. Back when I was still into pretty boys (aka those who only have looks going for them) I was still around a lot of jocks, so I had that reminder there of what I used to be. Now that I'm a full-time nerd, I don't have that reminder. Instead of being the nerdy jock, I'm the nerd with a jockness remainder. Like when I throw things up in the air and catch them in my mouth. Ed, I know you think I'm not very good at it, but I'd like to see you try! Erin, I still want to do the pudding thing - time's a wastin', though, since we're moving soon...

Contents of Leigh's purse at this exact moment:
Mini spray bottle of Cucumber Melon body spray
Two packages of spanish kleenex (which works much better than the American version)
Moleskine journal with the last few pages turned into a nonsensical story by Natha
14 Sudafed Non-Drying sinus medicine in blister packaging
'Tanzanite by Hakimi' perfume (came with the earrings)
Semi-complete pack of Top Trumps Dinosaur cards
pack of spearmint gum with only 2 pieces left
my wallet, with $7, a checkbook, and random id cards in it (Look Ma, no credit cards!)
4 pack of gillette mach3 turbo razor blades (bought the wrong kind, need to take them back)
Blistex Silk & Shine lip balm
Ticket stub for the IMAX 'Aliens of the Deep' movie (Natha and I went a few weeks ago)
Mini bottle of Kroger brand naproxen sodium
cell phone
package of band-aids from the red cross (couldn't donate the other day, iron was too low)
one pilot g2 blue pen
my dad's business card
one pentel rsvp black pen (my favorite's an RSVP with green ink)
anti-bacterial 'just-for-kids' hand foam in 'bananarama ding-dong' flavor
student health insurance card i printed from the internet
L'oreal volume perfect lipstick in color 730 (bright red & sparkly)
small stack of pokemon cards wrapped up in a rubber band
St. Ives intensive healing lotion i bought for the sole purpose of putting on the bottom of my nose when I had the plague
one nickel, 5 pennies
one opened/consumed two-pack of sudafed medicine (had a cold last week)
7 gum wrappers with no gum, one with previously chewed gum in it
four OB tampons
one outside wrapper for a stick of gum
one page full of scribbles & letters in 3 different kinds of ink by Natha, folded into a little wad
one page of drawings & letters on the back of an ad form for the Vanderbilt Hustler
one page of drawings & letters on the front & back of a fax activity/failure list, folded & secured with a rubber band

See, doesn't that make sense? :)

Time to go snuggle with some guy again. Oh, he doesn't like it when I call him that. Ok, Robert, I'll call you your full name from now on. Sheesh!
(no really, it's my snuggle-lumpkin of a nighttime heater, Ed.) Nighty-night!


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