Monday, February 14, 2005

So I've got a lot to address today but little time to do it...

Isn't that just how life goes? We could all say that every morning and it's just as true for each person. Ah, the subjective nature of the subjective...

I've been thinking about how my best friend (Erin) and Ed think it's such a travesty that I listen to, enjoy, and sample from pop music for their compilation CDs. I hope to dispel the notion that I 'just don't know better' and explain where this love actually originates. See, most of the people that listen to pop music are 'Everyday People', whatever that means, and their music changes like 'Dust in the wind' according to whims of the 'Popular' kids and talks about lofy goals, concepts, and ideas that only those 'Fortunate Son's can understand and obtain but the rest of the peons are left to just listen about it on American Top 40 and 'Dream On', saying 'I'm going to be somebody'. While those indie people who prefer their Lightning 100 on the rocks, the edge (or Bono), where it's all a circle, man, look at the pop music world as an embodiment of all the trends, fashion disasters, heck, The Man in general and shun it for their own music that just speaks to the chosen few who are *really* cool, not just the poseurs on Vh1 2 years from now. From how I see it, I'm one of the lucky ones who has a life that *can* be described by all the music of the masses (in most cases) that talks about the good things one should try and attain - an interesting view on life, resilency, a good man/love of one's dreams, etc. The indie stuff, while good for expressing one's oddball nature and independence from The Man especially while sampling other mind-enhancing substances, very seldom speaks to me in a way that can be comprehended at a normal volume as a poem set to music to convey my joy, relief, and overall thankfulness that I've got the life that I do mainly because I said one day, 'I want it all' but fortunately didn't add the 'and I want it now'. It's also much easier to find the CD's in online music stores and locate it, in general. What one must remember is that I'm not advocating that all music must be pop in nature and there's no other way. There's a lot of crap out there, pop, indie, and otherwise. I love 'Tennessee' as much now as when it was atop the charts, as I do things like Milli Vanilli and other things of that sort. The good stuff stays good, regardless of whether the video's been retired & replaced on MTV, to be laughed at on some 'I love the 90's' compilation down the line. Just because you subscribe to the music itself doesn't mean you become 'one of those people' - you're who you are if that's who you really want to be. Unfortunately not many people are happy with who they really are, so they impersonate others who they think are better, prettier, or happier than they are. People just stick with something to look cool, informed, 'with it', or otherwise blessed by the masses instead of just doing what comes in their brain. Oh, and not that I'm omniscient about music and have nothing good yet to explore - nothing could be further from the truth - part of being who you really are at all times is being willing to trash it all at a moment's notice because you think you could be doing better and want to improve. Keep the good stuff and try again on the rest. See, that's all it takes to be a good person! :) Oh, and as a 'Shout' out to all my homeys - Thank you falletin' me be mice elf - again. Oh, and it's only a guilty pleasure if you feel guilty. Otherwise it's just a pleasure.

Ed's supposedly sent me something that's to be delivered today - I looked earlier and it's not there yet. I'm about to go to class (Organic Chemistry) then come back here to hang out with the man who makes me say 'I adore Mi Amour' over and over again. Here's a shout out for you by Lauryn Hill (No, he's not Killing Me Softly) - 'My love for you is like a song I replay every 3 minutes & 30 seconds of every day - and every chorus was written for us to recite, a beautiful melody of devotion every night.'



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