Friday, February 18, 2005

So I've got some time before I go to another class...

and I didn't write last night, so I thought you all deserved something this morning, at least a bit of my sesquipedalian rantings, a smidge, a dot. (or two)

We all (Erin, Ed, Natha and I) had barbecue brought by the hunter of the group, Ed, who staked out a barbecue place, retrieved some darn good barbecue for a low price, and got some of that there energy knowledge at the same time. Man you're going to feel dumb if that guy really *does* have it all figured out. :)

There are some things that you are good at that you don't understand how others don't get it/have such a hard time. Some people have more of these talents than others, and some qualify as special/weird talents. Ed's a computer genius in every aspect of the word and comes up with solutions to complex problems with the greatest of ease (not to mention all the manly duties at which he excels, like protection and taking the trash out.) Erin finds things that are lost and can organize even the largest clusterfuck of a mess (and she's done it several times at work, as fortunately/unfortunately as that is for them/her). Natha's *really* good at looking cute and coming up with funny thoughts/ideas on the world, not to mention a physical sense of balance and proprioception that I'm sure has kept him from stitches/broken bones many a time. I'm a lab ninja and can understand the most complicated (re: acronym-ish and obscure) of concepts with little practice (like genetics). I don't understand why it's so hard for other people that are supposedly smart (I do understand why those of slightly-below average intelligence don't get it - I'm wondering about those above a benjamin of IQ points). I guess that's why I'm with Ed. We looked at each other one day and realized that we were each one person very different from a large, large number of other people when it comes to specific skills, and that not everyone is equal in abilities and desires. I hadn't ever met someone else who felt so strongly about their relative place in the world and had the ability to back it up to the nth degree. I think that's when I decided that he was going to be the one for me. We can't help it if everyone else can't keep up, and at least we now have each other. It makes our own personal arguments that much more convincing - it's not only in our brains. :)

Well, time to go hear the weekly speaker on some interesting aspect of biology... I found out two weeks ago that dental caries are caused by a contagious bacteria that 95% of the population just happens to have, and then last week that the cardiac arteries don't originate in the aorta and branch down - they start on the tip of the liver and expand into the cardiac muscle and form arteries from there. I'll let you know later what I find out today...



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