Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So I've officially converted the midget into a fan of They Might Be Giants...

we listened to Constantinople three times on the way to his school (re: daycare) this morning. He calls it the Hamster song, because one of the lines is, "Even old New York was once New Amsterdam." He also enjoys Particle Man, the line, "When he's underwater does he get wet? Or does the water get him instead? Nobody knows, particle man." He giggles every time we listen to it... At least he's interesting to cancel out his other *endearing* cuteness...

It's also Kazu's birthday today... For those of you who don't know who he is, that's Natha's dad. Natha's the baby & Kazu is the baby's daddy, or as I prefer to say, babydaddy. The "Babydaddy" song by Trick Daddy is one of my favorite songs still... Anyways, He's *30* today. He's the first one of my friends I've known when they've turned 30... I'll find out later today how he's taking it. ;)

When I was in Key West I stumbled across this really cool art 'gallery'... which has art that's right up my alley (brightly colored and busy to the point of making your eyes hurt). I talked to the woman who was part-owner, and asked her where the name came from. Believe it or not, she said that her husband had made up the name 'babydaddies' back in the early 90's... I then told her what it meant in other cultures, that it's the name you call the father of your child when he's not your husband or even your boyfriend. At least not anymore. It gets too long to say, 'the father of my love child', or even 'my ex-boyfriend with whom I have a kid'. So, we use the name 'babydaddy'. Ah, ebonics at work!

I should be working on something now other than this blog, but oh well. If I don't write in it now, I'll probably not get to write in it later, so better early than never. I actually wrote this activity as a task in my planner today. Lots of times I write things down that I know I won't forget to do just so that I get to cross one more thing out and feel *that* much more productive. I think that since norepinephrine is related to attention and organization in the brain, I probably have a higher level than most people... Which might relate to my tendency to run a little low on the serotonin and be sensitive to changes in it. When I don't have things to do, I don't have things to organize. When I don't have things to organize, I might run a little lower on the norepinephrine, which may make my level or serotonin drop too... Oh well. Enough of the random musings on my personal brain chemistry... Hopefully I'll get to write more tonight, but if not, well, you'll just have to antici...........pate my next outburst. (which would be tomorrow)



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