Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So I'm very proud of my students in my general biology lab...

they've done a great job recently (and yes, I told them today in the lab, so they know directly...) with studying and being prepared for class. They also seem to be really interested in what's going on, once I get them going. The first quiz 11 of them failed miserably, and on the second quiz only 4 did, and they didn't fail by much...

I'm also wondering what's going on with Erin... I know she's had a lot going on lately, and for various reasons I haven't been there (physically and mentally) for her - we don't live right by each other plus there's a lot going on right now in both of our lives. Yesterday, however, I was surprised when she seemed kind of irrational-angry towards me (as compared to the rational-angry that I still have rarely seen from her - I could understand rational-angry in this instance, even.) Mind you I'm not at all irrational-angry back, that's not like me - I'm sure there's other things going on which made her respond to that which I told her in the manner in which she did. I'm just confused as to what I should do now - I'm not sure whether I should call her and ask her what's going on (other than the housing thing not working), call her and pretend like that didn't happen, or just wait for her to come back. I kind of feel like she should in some way communicate her preference to me, but that would defeat the nature of the situation. I don't know if this is a sign of some larger natural rift that's going on in our relationship because of me moving to a different place or even because we're doing drastically different things than before... Should I remember the days when we sat around talking and eating Pizza Hut on a friday night with great fondness and not try and find some suitable equivalent now that the sitch is different? Or should I help this relationship evolve? It's hard to know when to acknowlege that a relationship won't be as close as it previously was, or when it's a temporary dip in synchronicity that is mended with a bit of time. I feel like I can't say things like they are anymore, both because I'm not around as much & don't know enough of the story to give good thoughts and because I'm not around enough know whether the brute truth is what I should tell her to help her the most. I have a lot of frank thoughts on her situations that a year ago would come out on friday night in an mutual air of relaxation & self-discovery, and I don't feel that there's an outlet equivalent to that anymore. So, Erin, if you read this, please come back, unless you're truly and naturally inclined to drift to other outlets in which case a simple acknowledgement will do and we'll continue to be as we have been more recently - good friends, but not the best of. I know I've done some slacking and could be more pro-active, too - so this isn't all on you, dear... I understand that people drift in and drift out, and good times remain good times in memory regardless of the drifting. I'm just not sure if the drifting is going to continue, or if we've been out on a lot of slack in opposite directions and will pull the rafts together again...

Ed's home now - I think we're supposed to go do something, but I know it's not get his hair cut (unfortunately)... We don't have the kid until later tonight, so we'll do some chillin' real quick before we need to eat dinner of some sort. Speaking of which, this playing house thing is wearing my butt out - the cooking and stuff, plus the getting up early is throwing me for a loop... Once we're more settled I'm sure I'll catch up, though.

Here's a list I've been meaning to make...
Words that thoroughly amuse me but don't get to be said nearly enough:

Jeez - I can't remember the rest of the list of them. Aw shucks. I should have started writing them down in my moleskine journal, but I guess that has since become Natha's outlet for writing & playing tic-tac-toe whenever he wants to since it's kept in my purse... When I think of them they'll be added...

Time to go watch Ed play Contra. I might convince him to play Super Mario, though, since I can play too then. I might even post again later tonight, depending on how late da kid goes beddie-bye...


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