Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So life has settled down a little bit...

if you can call having a completely different schedule 'settled down'... We finally got the internet here at the new house, after all my stuff moved this weekend. Almost all of my things are put away, but most of Ed's things are awaiting my mega-ninja-packing skills at this apartment. I'm adjusting to cooking/fixing meals often, which is new for me... I like to cook, I just wish I wasn't so hungry when I first got home so I could unwind a bit first - cooking right when I get in the door is spacing me out a bit, I think. I'll see what I can do to adjust that one. I think I'll have to start either eating lunch later or having a snack - when I eat breakfast at 7:30 it sets me up to eat lunch at 11:30, which makes me ravishingly hungry at 4:30. I'm eating a lot healthier, though, which is a much-needed change my body had forgotten to even prod me toward. I'm a *big* fan of that-there junk food, like taco bell & burger king, but now that I've got the freedom to buy the food I want to buy since I'm feeding people other than myself but that's the big use of my money, I can buy the good bread instead of the cheap kroger kind, and have a couple different kinds of bread. Before I couldn't finish a loaf before there was a fungus among us, now I can have more variety. Cooking dinner's fun when you have the freedom to produce what it is you want to instead of scrounging up junk food to put together as a quasi-meal, like 10 pieces of cheese, two handfuls of cashews, and orange juice.

I had a really freaky dream last night. Hell, it wasn't even freaky - it was downright upsetting. I dreamt I was hanging out at a movie theatre with one of Ed's friends, and the military called me to tell me that Ed had been killed while they were testing missles, but they didn't find *all* of him, and they wanted to know if they could declare him as dead. I told them of course they couldn't, and that I would come down to the testing field to see what they had to show me. But when I tried to leave the theatre, I couldn't because I just kept crying, and at this point I was crying out loud. It upset me to the point that I woke myself up and I was still crying. Thankfully he was there to prove the dream wrong - as Erin said, if he hadn't been there it would have been much more difficult to convince myself that it wasn't true - it seemed very true when I was dreaming it. I don't usually have such emotional dreams - and I rarely even have sexual dreams, but I do dream. Mostly about weird stuff like a house knee-deep in weiner dogs where I can't seem to get in the door without them spilling out and I have to pick them back up and try to put them back in. Stuff like that. The last time I had a dream that made me cry was about 6 or 7 years ago, I think. That's how long it's been.

The way to a man's heart *is* through his stomach - Ed's been really happy with my wifely skills, namely making breakfast, lunch, & dinner, plus the occasional snack. He keeps asking me why I'm doing it, and it's because it's my duty to take care of him - just like he's taking care of me in other ways. It's all a trade-off, really, a division of labor to accomplish the important things and not worrying about the things that aren't important to each of us...

He just called me Pookie - that's Garfield's bear! :)

I think I should send Natha to Abu Dhabi, just like Garfield did to Nermal. It would do him some good.

Time for sleep - I have to take Natha to school in the morning and I'm still adjusting to the drive, then I'm taking advantage of my spring break to get some more research done the rest of the week... not to mention I need to finish packing Ed's apartment up into random boxes of all sizes. BTW, I think there's a direct correlation between how much skill/like one has for packing things into a given space and their aptitude for playing Tetris. It's like I've been playing tetris for the last 4 days and I've beaten it! Ha-ha! You can't lick me, even on level 9! (Oh, and is it weird I have a favorite Tetris piece?)

Ttfn, dudes!


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