Saturday, March 05, 2005

So I've been spreading my weirdness *again*...

last night when I went up to Cave City to meet my parents to exchange the kid, I stopped at Wendy's to eat. I went inside and there was a bus-full of kids, 11-12 years old. I didn't know why they were there but they seemed to be having a really good time, in only the way that your first overnight fild trip with your friends and without parents can be. I got my food and picked up a straw, only to took at the straw and wonder, 'Should I show them how to make a musical instrument out of this?'. I sat there for a quick second and thought about it. Sure, it makes me look weird, but what doesn't? I quickly decided that if I didn't show them, I would regret it - so I walked up to a table of girls in their nike tennis shoes and brightly-colored Old Navy fleeces and told them I had something cool to show them. I made the instrument real quick and showed one of the other girls how to make it too. Then they all started going after straws and bringing them up to me for me to show them.. I showed about 5 people how to make them, then I had to leave in the middle of the frenzy just to bask a little bit before driving home. I learned to make the straw kazoo, I guess it's called, on a similar trip when I was their age and I've been making it ever since.

Today's moving day for me, at least. I'm about to go get the truck, then load it up and take it over to the new house... Natha will be back later today but he'll stay with Kazu tonight... He keeps asking when I'm going to take things over there, and I told him when he gets back today, the stuff will be there...



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