Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So I'm *better* now...

whatever that means. I've turned in my mid-term grades and I've only got one test to finish before next monday. Oh, and moving, too. Let's not forget about that! :)

I forgot the satisfaction one gets from running into someone you used to date, them making a suggestion that you go and do something, and you replying that you've been busy lately and that any time you have you've been spending with your boyfriend. It's even better when it's someone you chased and they didn't pay attention to you back in the day. That made me smile my big, cheezy smile :)

I told everyone in my Organic chemistry class that I wasn't going to be in lab (it probably came across as bragging, but I don't care!) and they were all scrambling to get hold of my lab notebook... I found that to be quite funny - like there's some secret in there that I write before *every* lab, even before I do them that will make them finish in half the time of the average bear. Hey, if it helps someone, I'm all for it. I don't see what was to be had from that book, though... Bless their hearts.

Natha's excited about moving - we finally told him, and I took him to the new house on tuesday so he could see it. We don't have the heat turned up yet, so all he could remark about was that it was really cold there. He seems happy with his room placement, though. I also told him that he would be getting a little TV in his room to play his games on (but nothing else) and that received the most reaction yet. He woke up this morning and asked me if I was going to move any of the stuff over to the new house today. Guess he's more antsy than I thought to get out of this house... He also saw the box in his room that I'm going to use to pack his books and he started putting books in there before he went to bed so he could help. Every time we've moved and he knew what we were doing he's helped me. When he was 2 1/2 he started carrying bags of books down the stairs of the apartment without me even asking him to. I can understand why he's wanted to help me - we've moved into bigger, nicer houses each time... with the biggest difference being this time. It's still not quite real. When we went by the house it wasn't like I was going to live there. It's as nice as my parent's house, and about the same size. It's also in a much nicer neighborhood... compared to the quasi-ghetto under the guise of gentrification that is East Nashville. It's odd to move into a house that's as nice as your parents' house, especially when everything you've been living in up to that point has been a crappy apartment. It's even further compounded by the fact that I relinquished my right to a semi-extravagant life when I decided to go back to school and live off of loans. I wasn't expecting to travel, have a boyfriend willing to come over when I had my son there, and especially not to become a Brentwood trophy wife-of-sorts. There's a lot that goes along with that - taking care of the house is somewhat of an addition because I am just now going to have a house worth taking care of. People think I'm messy, which isn't true entirely. I just do a thorough cost-benefit analysis before cleaning anything, and there are a lot of things that don't end up on the 'clean me!' side of the equation as far as I'm concerned. There are going to be a lot of other things that will be easier, though - like taking care of Natha, paying bills, and making sure everything's safe & secure. I think that I'm on the winning end of the deal, as is Ed, for various reasons - we're both taking over the parts of 'the household' that we're better at/more capable to preside over. Not to mention that we're hyper-compatible plus we entertain the heck out of ourselves as well as each other - and there isn't an end in sight - I can't imagine what would happen to make us be apart.

So now I get to spend one of the last nights apart from him before all our stuff is in the same place and we don't have to decide whether he's staying here in this horribly incomfortable bed (it was uncomfortable before we had the *space bed* but now it's just downright obscene) or if we're just going to miss each other that night. Lots of stuff will be *so* much easier. I forgot how hard it is to do everything by myself since I didn't have a choice in the matter - if it was going to get done, I had to do it myself, so why think it's hard? I think I'll be an even better girlfriend and trophy after everything's in place since I'll be the happiest person possible because all of the pieces have fit into place. Mighty big change from a year ago, if you know me well - and even if you don't. ;)

Time for bed - It's dropping 10 degrees per second and I need to get under some covers pronto. (not Tonto)

Kewl Beanz! Stay Sweet & Don't ever change!


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