Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So Natha and I are experiencing a bonus at the moment...

which is of course transpiring in the Bonus room. What an extra surprise! I'm watching Jeopardy! and Natha's playing Crash on the Gameboy. We just ate dinner and we're chillin' now...

Here's a funny joke I got from Maxim the other day:

Q:Why did Snoop carry an umbrella?
A: Fo' drizzle.

I got a nice chuckle out of that one.

I also had a really odd dream this morning - part of the research I work on involves perfusing animals for research purposes - and it involves quite a bit of planning and preparation. One animal takes most of the day, and you'd probably only want to do two at the most in an 8 hour day - there are lots of solutions and other things that have to be made, arranged, picked up, and otherwise paid attention to. My dream (or *nightmare* as it were) was that I had gone into the lab to do a perfusion, but I hadn't set up anything else, and was trying to set up as I go along - which is entirely not possible, as the solutions with which we perfuse have to be made and chilled that morning. Not only that, but I was trying to make everything and I couldn't find any of the supplies I needed, whether it was the powder I put into solution, or a hot plate and stirrer rods to mix them together. It really freaked me out and I even after a while I had to wake myself up because I was so wound up. Yes, I know I'm weird. I guess that's what dreams are like for religious people when they have dreams they hadn't gone to church in a while and then pass on, to try and then get by the rest of the time with everything completely screwed up and finally have to make the madness end by waking up. Since I somewhat pray at the altar of Franklin-Covey, this is my equivalent, I suppose.

I know I haven't spoken much about my religious leanings, and that's for somewhat a good reason as well as out of habit - living in Nashville and being areligious in a Christian, church-going sense means that when someone asks you *where* you go to church as compared to inquiring *if* you go to church, you either tell them what Christian religion you were raised them politely changing the subject, make something up that they want to hear, or you can start asking that person questions on their particular views and prepare yourself for a battle. I prefer the former, of course, and if they're really insistent, I might just make something up if I don't want to deal with it. I know that Ed usually says he's Agnostic Buddhist, and sometimes gets into a more in-depth discussion for which he is very prepared - which is admirable in itself. When I was moving out of my old house a few weeks ago a man came by and asked us where we went to church, to which I replied that we were Agnostic Buddhist. He still gave us a pamphlet/storybook anyways, though. I was surprised with my change in how I answered the question, honestly. I guess having someone who share my spiritual views has made me more comfortable with my answers to the questions of Christians - safety in numbers, I suppose. I hadn't realized before then that I was Buddhist, but after thinking about my automatic answer, it made sense. The fact it came out so naturally is even more indicative of its true presence. That's probably why I feel the way I do about yoga asana practice - I've been feeling at peace with the world for a while, now it fits into a bigger construct. Just like how I used to think I was the only one like me in general, I used to think that I was the only one with my spiritual views, too. Now I've realized there are more like me. Guess that's part of not living in a small town anymore - and meeting more people as you go through life. Not that I've met *that* many more truly like me, but enough to know that they exist. Ed and Erin are two of those people, as is Anne, who has recetly presented herself as one of us. Too bad she's moving to St. Louis soon - but it's even more evidence that they're out there!

I'm sure you're thinking, 'What is she talking about?' - it's not even just 'Top 5%' as Erin says, I think. I'd have to meet someone to determine if they're *it*, whatever *it* is. I'm not sure if it's a way of thinking, a pattern of open-mindedness, a determination to be a good person to everything, or some other intangible quality. All I know is some people have it and some don't. It's not even a shades of grey thing, either. It's one of the few things that can't be measured greyscale gradation...

Ed's in class tonight until somewhat later - he has his lab tonight after his class. So I've got some time to do things. I must say I haven't been motivated to do anything this afternoon - I came home and have been watching TV since. Natha's about to go to bed then I'll put some of the things in our bedroom that are strewn about, which will make the room look better, at least, since it tooks *really* icky. I'll end up having to not go in to school on thursday - so I can do things then. Tommorow I'm teaching mitosis & meiosis, then I'm done for the rest of the week, other than some research on friday. I've got to give my presentation as a practice on friday, then I'll do a bit of research-oriented things, then I'll be done... until I have to study for organic chemistry. Hey, at least I'm not in the organic chem lab anymore.

So, I'm going to watch Will & Grace, then put the kid into the bed. Not sure what time Ed will be back. I'll snuggle with him when he gets home, though. He can't escape the reaches of the pernicious snuggling, I-tell-you-what.


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