Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So I've started putting to use the Rio that Ed bought me...

(for my birthday back in December ;) )

I've started putting CD's on there and then on the Rio... it's hot up here in the bonus room, though, especially with a laptop in its namesake place.

Yes, I must admit, I'm slacking at the moment. Natha and I had Taco Bell for dinner, and the house is kind of a mess. I got a lot of other things done today, though. I went and had Ed's oil changed (the car, not him) since that was the condition of me driving the car while he's gone...

I'm going to work on a quiz after Natha goes to bed tonight - it needs to get finished tonight to keep up the Hermione appearance...

I had a lot of my students tell me they enjoyed my lab, and that they're going to try and be in my lab next semester... I even had one of them ask me to write her a recommendation for a summer program - to which I said of course! :)

My students didn't do as well as I would have liked on the final, but three people got A's, so it wasn't hopeless. To give you an idea of the difficulty of the test, I think that if I gave the test to the other TA's most of them wouldn't get an A.

Natha's wanting to draw, so I think I might start working on the quiz now... ciao!


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