Sunday, June 05, 2005

So I hope you're still reading...

...even though you've found out I've got a mad streak in me. Hey, it's who I am - if you don't like it, chill out or go read someone else's blog that is more interesting to you. I don't know you're reading anyways, so it's not like I'm missing anything!

I went to Kentucky to see the fam this weekend - Ed was originally supposed to go, but couldn't make it because of work - it isn't his fault and I know he's not making it up - firstly, someone has to pay the rent, secondly, this family gathering was planned on the worst weekend for both me and him to go out of town. I probably wouldn't have stayed as long as I did if Natha hadn't had a horrible rash on his leg - a bad allergic reaction to bug bites of some sort. He says they were ants, but someone might have asked him, 'did ants bite you?' and he thinks that must have been it since someone suggested it. This is the kid who used to tell everyone his mosquito bites were spider bites because he thought that meant he would turn into Spider-man. I can trust what he says, most of the time, unless you ask him the wrong way. He's got an imagination like that.

My poor family was trying to make Natha better this week, with all sorts of 'bug bite' treatments and different things - it just turned out that their homeopathic logic wasn't as sound as the bug bites would have liked - I originally got angry because, one, I was inclined to do so, and two, because of the sorry state of Natha's leg was upsetting to me. After I thought about it, though, they weren't wishing ill will towards him, they were trying what they knew how to do. I just wish I would have known how bad they were - I would have come up there on thursday when they got worse. He's doing a lot better now - the Dr. gave him some Zyrtec as a stronger allergy medicine and a steroid cream to put on the bites. He went from yesterday not being able to walk regularly on his leg and having huge, hot welts to this morning having reddish spots (that are big, but not hot) and walking normally. I can tell when the Zyrtec wears off - he starts limping again and mentioning his leg.

Natha just drew a picture and told me that it's his lab where he has a machine that can turn toys into real things. I told him that it sounded like a transmogrifier and he agreed and said that sounded cool. We were talking about 'convincing' and 'persuading' people to do things - mainly because we're watching Empire Strikes Back and he wants to know why Darth Vader is chasing Luke down - and I told him that Darth Vader is trying to catch Luke to get him to go over to the dark side with Darth Vader, but Luke doesn't do it. Natha didn't understand how Darth Vader was going to try to get Luke over to the dark side, and I said he was going to convince him. So I explained the methods by which one could be convinced of something - making *it* sound cool, say that everyone else is doing *it*, or talking about what someone will give you if you do *it*. I said, though, that *you* have to make your mind up regardless of what someone else says - not to just let them convince you without thinking it out. I also threw in a line about that sometimes what people want to convince you of is a good idea, but a lot of times it's a bad idea - and that you have to make your own mind up just for that reason. Luke made his own mind up instead of following what someone else says - even if it *is* his father - parents can be wrong, too. Who says you can't learn life lessons from Star Wars... :)

So I'm waiting for Ed to get home - he's still working on stuff on-site... I cleaned out the guinea pig cage - since we bought the bigger one it doesn't get dirty as easily, so I can wait longer in-between cleanings. That was one of the things on the list from last week that didn't get done because I was taking an 'angry break'...

Natha just went downstairs and returned with a light saber - thankfully it's the blue one. We've got one of each, which are kept on top of the refrigerator normally - I put them down when we got home today our future padawan's request. We have spontaneous light saber fights that break out in the house on occasion. Natha had been fighting with the wrong end of a small paintbrush and procuring us to fight against him, so I bought the expandable light sabers (not the ones that make noise, the $8 ones) so he could at least do it right. We've even started having rules, like that it's not the jedi way to hit someone with a light saber that isn't armed themselves, and if someone gets you across a limb with the light saber, you have to pretend it's not there anymore and that it's been cut off. Yes, we're a household full of nerds - except Tigger, I expect. There's something about cats in general that makes me think they're extremely trendy individuals with an unfortunate lack of expendable money - they're too cool for their own good. Everyone else is a dork. We like it that way, though.

Dude, it's 4:20. Cool, man - it's all a circle, man... Dude...

Speaking of which, I've decided I'm too big a fan of exclamation points to be either a hippie or a goth. I'm not preppy cheerleader-like (other than the terminal white-ness), though, so I'm not sure what I should be called. Maybe a hermione-esque ex-jock turned girl who happens to be a mother and a wife. There isn't a pigeon-hole for that one, so I guess I'll have to pick some pre-made category that the normies can understand. So I'm back to where I started. I'll just not listen to the man and worry about where I 'belong'. Ed tells me where I belong is barefoot in the kitchen and that I've already got too much education and I'm too uppity. That and if I don't mind him well, he'll make me wear the burqa *again*. He's such a sweetie! Oh, and I left off pregnant for a reason. I 'convinced' him to marry me for the food that I cook, laundry I do, and sexual favors - who knows what I'll have to do to get a kid out of him. :)

So I'd better go piddle around on the internet for a while. I've continued to check out Four Ninja Food Groups, which is a 'blog of note' on, and it's a really cool blog. If you want to look at it, it's at - there's a rant about scones, to give you an idea. Also, check out - it's a community art project that doesn't suck!

I suppose that I should learn how to add a hyperlink in this blog, but that would be time away from writing things, plus this way you'll remember the address - like the same reason I try not to rely on speed-dial - you forget all the numbers and are a bumbling idiot when you don't have the right phone.


(props to whoever gets the reference, G...)


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