Sunday, June 12, 2005

So we started out with The Princess Bride...

...but we've since switched to Return of the Jedi - we tried on Princess Bride with the caveat that if Natha didn't want to keep watching it, we'd change to the more light-saber laden of the two. You see what won... :)

Natha's leg looks a lot better - maybe it's just healing on its own, or maybe it's the antibiotic working. It's hopefully not the MRSA they were checking for - the antibiotic for that costs a *lot* more than the broad-spectrum one we have now. Not that I woudn't buy it, it's just money I'd be glad not to spend.

Ed, Erin, and I played a rousing game of Scrabble last night - we had a lot of interesting words played. We also had that dippin' strips pizza, which I must say now has me hooked. I like the small pieces that make me fill up easier so I don't eat as much... Ed seems to like it too, unless he's just pretending to make me happy (which is fine, too :))

Natha came back today from his dad's house and was bouncing off the freakin' walls. So we asked Natha why he wasn't listening and was so worked up, and he said it was because of the sugar he had for breakfast - since he wasn't with us, we asked him what he had ate... which, not to our surprise, was the equivalent of chocolate-frosted sugar-bombs. Yep, pop-tarts were the guilty party - grape ones at that. Who would have thought that sugar would have such a long-lasting effect... I know there are studies that break any link between sugar and hyperactivity. I just can't believe them for my particular son. I'm *very* sensitive to caffeine, to where eating chocolate can keep me up at night. Decaf coffee still has enough caffeine to keep me wired. So, it's no surprise that Natha has a similar issue, or at least their seems to be a correlation. I called Kazu to ask him what Natha had for breakfast to make sure Natha wasn't telling a 'tall-tale', and he confirmed the story. I then told him that next time, before we had him, we'd give Natha some Jolt cola - I think he got the hint.

Well, I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, but watching this movie with the boys is much more interesting than that. We'll see if it gets done today - if not, there's always tuesday. I hate to put it off, but if I start and don't finish, it won't all get done this time - I'll start over again in a week. Oh well. *Darn*


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