Friday, June 17, 2005

So... AAAHHH! I realized I'm still talking about *TV*...

...but I did build a bookshelf today. Ed said that me building a bookshelf meant that he had failed me as a man - I don't agree, however. He can bring in all the $$ he wants, that makes him quite a success as a man. See, if I hadn't *wanted* to build to bookshelf and then felt I had to since he hadn't, then he might have temporarily slacked as a man. I built it out of procrastination, really. I cleaned the guinea pig cage today & the rest of the bonus room, and I didn't have any *cleaning* left in me, so I had to do something else. I didn't want to organize the space-which-is-supposed-to-be-my-office, so that left the bookshelf. Hey, I only got through one of them before Ed came home, even. When he called to say that he was on his way home, I told him what I was doing and he told me to stop... which was cute. I figure I should be doing some of the things that need to be done around the house and have been waiting for attention for a while now since I'm staying home with Natha. He's old enough to allow me to do more than you'd think (if you have kids) and less than you'd think (if you don't have them) and I don't want to come across as a slacker in *all* respects when he comes home and I don't have anything substantial to tell him other than what was on Dr. Phil today.

Natha was back to himself, the behaved version, yesterday. That's the first time in almost a month that he's been listening and behaving - so I was in a much better mood yesterday just for that fact. His leg still doesn't look very good, and the nose goo to kill any colonies in his nose is making him produce snot like a mo'-fo'. I've given him dimetapp and he's still snorting all the time to slurp it back in. It's better than him picking his nose, though. Hopefully he'll learn himself a thing or two about digging for gold since that's probably what got him into this mess - I think I've made the point to him that the pickin' caused the boo-boos, and if he doesn't want any more he shouldn't pick. He's stopped picking or at least drastically cut down on it since I pointed out the correlation. Let's hope it lasts...

We realized that when Natha watches regular on-TV cartoons he just sits there and stares - but when he watches Looney Tunes, he watches and laughs, watches and laughs. He really does like the music, too. We're thinking of taking him to the Beethoven Festival in a couple of weeks since they're playing his 9th symphony - which is Natha's favorite. We even have the concern that if we took him we'd have to make sure he didn't sing, or at least too loudly - he belts it out when we're in the car.

So I suppose Ed's going to want me to pay him some attention now that he's up here... I guess that's my *wifely* duty, at least during the day... Natha seems to want to play some games... I hope it's not MarioKart - I suck at that one, since it's all forward motion, and I stopped playing video games before that was possible - I kick ass at the sideways ones, but not forward ones... wouldn't that figure those are the ones Natha likes... :)


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