Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So there's now two more weird things to add to the list...

...of Natha's weirdnesses. He decided to *sit* in a big plant vase that is sitting by the downstairs TV. It was just big enough for him to fall in - then he yelled for me and looked cute while he told me he was stuck. I didn't get too upset, mainly because he wasn't really stuck, but it was hard not to laugh. I just pulled him out and he was ok, then I told him in as stern of a voice as I could muster not to do it again.

The second involved the drawings he did this morning at the restaurant that he then stuck up on the wall of the restaurant office with push-pins. When I got there this afternoon after my yoga class, he wanted to show them to me. This is what he said...

"Come look at my drawings," he said, pointing to the wall.


"This one is Machu Picchu," he told me, pointing to a pen-and-paper drawing of mountains and a few stick people.

"Cool. What's this one?" I asked.

"That one is Machu Picchu too." he said, showing me another picture of mountains and more stick people.

"Oh. That's pretty," I replied, "What's that one?"

"It's another Machu Picchu."

I pointed to the fourth of five drawings and asked about that one. It was Machu Picchu too.

"What's this one," I said, pointing to the last masterpiece, "Machu Picchu?"

"Nope. That one's Texas," he told me.

Sure enough, it was 'flat' with no drawn mountains - but still had people. Lots of them. They weren't wearing cowboy hats, though. It wasn't that obvious. That's what happens when you ass-u-me, I suppose.

Jurrasic park's on TV and we're watching it. Natha was a Roadrunner earlier, muttering 'meep-meep' and running around when we were watching Looney Tunes. Now he's a popocorniverous tyrranosaurus who is 'snacking' on his diplodocus mommy. He told so, so it's must be true.


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