Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So I guess there's no teaching people if they don't want to be taught...

like usual, I have tons of A's in the making, a few B's, a C or two, and the rest of the people are failing the lab. This isn't hard, people! Just *pay attention*! Do what I ask (which isn't that much, really)...

I went to a different yoga class this morning - my goal is to go to a yoga class every day and then do other stuff with Ed at night. The problem (at least for the summer) is that they limit the amount of time per day & per week that you can use the kids playroom so that going twice a day when Natha's not in school is different. I'm going to all kinds of yoga classes - those that are more designed to challenge you in a physical sense and those that are more restorative and challenging in a mental sense. Until you've been to both you probably don't know what I'm talking about...

Natha asked me about school today & when he could go. I told him that when the 'big boy school' was open, he would be going there. He asked me why it wasn't open now, and I told him that when it gets hot outside you don't have to go to school, just the rest of the time. Then he replied, 'Yeah, when it gets really really hot.' He was normally outside just in the morning & late afternoon, so he's realizing how hot it gets in the middle of the day. I have the same shock too, since I was working during the day - I'd forgotten how hot it gets here about 2-3pm. Sure, the sun's rays may be strongest from 10am-2pm, but the full heat index isn't mugging you of your breath until at least 3pm. I had gotten used to it for a while, but when I worked full time, I forgot about that or at least didn't experience it for very long periods of time.

I've had both instructors of the classes I've attended for the first time come up to me after class and introduce themselves - which is just polite - but then I end up talking to them for a while. I think that they're in a yoga-land where it's just a series of postures people do to get a workout instead of a lifestyle with all kinds of facets - not just postures (asanas) but meditation, breathing excercises, and lifestyle choices, to name a few. (Not necessarily vegetarian choices, but the yogic diet does limit several foods, including meats.) Since I've 'looked into' yoga in lots of different aspects, they can talk to me about things other than how to cross-train for some other sport - like about teaching styles and types of students you'll see in class. I was talking about Deepak Chopra and ayurveda, then chakras, then about how I'd eventually want to be a yoga instructor. The biggest thing in my path on the way to instructordom is my personal practice. I need to make yoga a part of my life, not just something I do on occasion, so that I can then find my style and only then take instructor preparation classes to learn about the other more technical aspects of teaching yoga. I know I'm good at some types of inversions and have trouble with balance postures depending on the day, and that no matter what, the flexibility of my hips is an uphill battle and always will be, depending on what other excercise I'm doing (running and precor are both things that tighten my hips naturally). *How* I teach others and influence them has yet to be determined - and that will just come with time and asana practice. Now I've just got to hop to it.

Natha's asking for some attention, so I need to go do other things. He was resting when I started this post and has since been liberated from the chains that were his room for 40 minutes. He's about to go to his dad's house, so Ed and I will probably go play racquetball then do some sort of other workout too since we've got more time. Then it's off to subway for dinner - I've become attached to the roasted chicken breast sandwich, too, just like him... :)

Kinda odd that I've become more of a health nut recently... I seem to go from one extreme to the other... oh well. I'll have to talk about that one more later.


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