Monday, June 27, 2005

So I'm not sure if Natha's like the other kids...

...or if he's in a class of his own. Not only is he silly beyond belief, but he's extremely enteraining. Case in point: tonight at Subway, he gets his usual turkey with cheese and mustard, but decides, much to the surprise of the sandwich artisan, to put all sorts of random things on his kids meal sandwich, like spinach, onions, banana peppers, black olives, cucumbers, and mayonnaise. He forgets the carrots then gets kind of upset until we tell him we'll just have to remember to put them on next time. And yes, he ate more than half of the sandwich... and wants the rest for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Second point: tonight while we're reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory before bed - Ed had given Natha two of those liquid ice breath things, and he was holding them in his hand about to eat them. I'm reading aloud, then all of a sudden he's rubbing his eye and telling me it hurts. Turns out he was trying to squish one of the liquid ice things before he ate it, and he squished it right into his eye. Ed was laughing so hard I had to stop reading for a minute for him to regain his composure. He had squished one of them earlier today and rubbed it on his feet, then came over to me very innocuous-like and asked me to smell his feet, motivated just to see the surprise on my face when they smell like spearmint instead of the usual funky feet he has. He didn't *accidentally* spill it on his feet, no, he put it there on *purpose* for me to smell.

I just wonder how much of this stuff other peoples' kids do and how often - do people get one story like this every couple months, or is it one a week like the fodder Natha provides?

He's also becoming way more cultured of a kid than I thought he would - he turns down the GameBoy most of the time I offer it - he'd rather be doing something else most of the time. I thought he'd be glued to it like no tomorrow, but no, he's all about the moderation. I think that after the initial coolness time, its novelty wore off and he'd rather be designing a diorama full of dinosaurs complete with egg nests, mommy/baby pairs matched by species, and spinosauruses opening up a can on the T-rexes (idea courtesy of Jurrasic Park III). Or some spacely battle between obscure Godzilla characters.

Ah, Nathas. Whatcha gonna do with 'em...


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