Thursday, July 07, 2005

So I'm about to leave to take Natha to Kentucky...

... I'm driving up there and back today. Normally my hips might bother me from sitting so long, but since I've been practicing my asanas, they shouldn't bug me at all. Let's hope.

I ended up taking a bath and reading most of last August's issue of Yoga Journal, then I fell asleep at like 9:30. I woke up hungry at like 1am, and Ed got up for some reason, too. I think he had too much caffeine and couldn't sleep well. He's got a demo he's working on that he's presenting today so he tried to stay up as late as he could last night - he asked me to make him coffee. I told him I thought he should stick to diet coke, but he wanted coffee - and that's what he got.

He got up early this morning to keep working, and I had a horrible allergy-induced headache - so I took some medicine and went back to sleep until 8. I'm going to have to start drinking nothing but water for the next couple months like I do every year about this time - otherwise I constantly feel like crap because of allergies. I still think it's funny that Ed was planning on taking me to the Ragweed festival until I told him I was pretty darn allergic to it. I had started cutting out caffeine and sugar, drinking mostly propel and flavored carbonated water, but that won't quite do the trick since I get allergy-induced, non-contagious thrush - and the best treatment is drinking lots and lots of water. I used to take a Nystatin (anti-fungal)/Benadryl mix to keep it under control, but I don't have the prescription anymore, and water works just as well.

I'm about to pack Natha's bag, take a shower, and leave. I'll be back later tonight, not too late. I wonder what time Ed's going to the Boro - and whether I get to go with him... :)


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