Wednesday, July 06, 2005

So I'm home without-a-kid earlier than usual...

... he's with his dad today until tomorrow morning. So I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself. I was going to start planning for the second session of lab, but I don't have the right syllabus so I don't know which labs I'm teaching. I just emailed the professor to see if he had anything to send to me, but until then, I'm not sure what to do. I'm watching TV right now - I was watching Maury but I've since gone to Vh1 for a show about reality tv show's great moments - which seems like quite the oxymoron to me, but I'm still watching. Oh well.

Ed's going to be home soon - he's been off working, meeting someone just now and then he's got to work most of if not all of the night tonight, so I've got even more time by myself. I started reading the last Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix, last night, and I could go spend some time on that tonight. Or I could read the Scientific American from last month (I finally caught up to the current issue!) or one of the 10 (I kid you not, 10) Yoga Journal issues I haven't read over the last year. I figured if I couldn't clear my mind long enough to sit and do yoga, I shouldn't even try to sit and read magazines *about* yoga. I've since been able to calm down, sit still, and be still enough to do yoga (for the last couple weeks, at least) I should be able to go through and read them now. I might go do that here in a minute - we'll see.

Since Natha's going to KY to see my mom tomorrow, Ed and I have a bit of time to ourselves. I was thinking we might be able to go somewhere since he's going to start working a lot more here soon - the problem is that the last-minute deals that we've been able to find are still too expensive to make it worthwhile for the period of time we have. I've been trying to think outside the box a bit and think of other things that we could do, since the most expensive thing is the airfare. There are things we could do in Gatlinburg, in a redneck-fun, people-watching kind of way - we'd drive 3 hours, but he's never been there and it's really nice up there if you know what you're doing... We could also see if we could go to the lake house to just have some quiet time, which is a lot closer. There are amusement parks we could go to, like Kentucky Kingdom, to go on roller coasters & stuff like that. I'm trying not to seem *too* eager to go somewhere, but especially if he's going to start working more I'd like to have him sans interruption somehow before it hits the fan. I'll have to see if he's got some time to figure out something (or what I should look for in my spare time) so maybe we could go somewhere, even if it's for a night... I've been looking for things, but without him here it's a bit one-sided... We've got different tastes in what we'd want to do with our spare time, and it's hard for me to think opposite and be excited about it. :)

I suppose I'll make a list (not here, though) and run it by him later... A-ha! Something to do that I want to do! I figured it out! :)


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