Thursday, June 30, 2005

So I've had a good but tiring day...

we went to the pool (this time I used sunscreen, spf 4) and I went to a yoga class, then Natha watched some Looney tunes while I chilled out downstairs. We're baking the banana bread we made late this afternoon right now - it'll be done soon.

I checked out the blog and there's a funny post on there about a new disorder for the DSM-V called 'Just Freakin' Batshit' disorder. I urge you to take a look - but not that much more than a nudge since I don't put my links in as hyperlinks. I think I'll change my stance and at least learn to do that, if anything. Now Ed just has to write it down for me - hint hint.

Natha threw something at me (it didn't hurt - it was a lime green squishy pillow) but I had just told him not to - so I spanked him. He had tried to cover his butt with his hand, so I had to spank around it... then he informed me that 'that didn't hurt' - so I gave him another one that most certainly did. Just a hunch, but I don't think he'll be mentioning it anymore if the occasional spanking doesn't hurt. Just a feeling I have.

I also realized the other day that I'm a kleptomaniac of a certain kind - I only steal clothes that belong to the guy I'm with. I don't ever keep them after we've broken up - I either give them back or otherwise dispose of them, so it's not a collecting problem... I think I'm just a touchy-feely person that wants to be around that special someone as much as possible, and wearing his clothes makes that a bit more possible. It also comes out of back when I wore guys' clothes all the time and didn't look like a girl, and the clothes fit me like they're my own. I also stole a lot of clothes from friends of mine in college who were guys, but that was more of a 'they had something cool and broken-in that I wanted' than anything. I stole a hat from a guy that now plays in the NFL, and a pair of shorts from a football guy that's probably now a has-been who didn't go anywhere because he liked the drinkin' too much. I don't have either of them anymore, though - one of my boys since then has taken them (and it wasn't Ed - he falls under the unfortunately-rarely-accurate-but-accurate for him title of 'man')

It's not like I take dirty clothes to have his smell on me, I wear the clothes, wash them (eventually), and put them back in the closet for Ed to wear - so it stays equal opportunity for wearin'. I just like the diversity that comes with sharing someone else's clothes that fit - if they didn't fit, I wouldn't be stealing them, dear. Not to mention that they remind me of my sweetie all the day through.

It's absolutely amazing how turned-on I get from laying out in the sun. Too bad Ed wasn't there when I got home... I'll just pounce him later, I guess... I wonder where he is, as a matter of fact... ;)


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