Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So I can go register Natha for kindergarten...

...starting on August 1st. He's got his 5 year-old check-up tomorrow afternoon so we can get all that paperwork stuff together... So it looks like he's really going to school. Yeah, he's been in daycare and aways during the day, but not at a real *school* where they focused on teaching rather than keeping 'em busy. I think he'll start picking things up like a sponge - he's nice and primed for the experience, since he's starting to figure out the letters on things we have sitting around the house - and he knows how to spell some simple words, like 'zoo'. Or 'butter', which is spelled, according to Natha 'Country Crock'.

Ed and I took a nap this afternoon while Natha took a rest - he was instructed to stay quiet in his room for about 40 minutes, which he only came out a couple of times - once he decided to try and snuggle up with us but he was too squirmy so we asked him to go play and reminded him of other opportunities available to him for snuggle-time later...

Ed has/had a headache - I'm going to see is he feels better yet or if he needs more medicine. What is it about guys that they go and hide or just act miserable when they have a headache and/or feel generally bad instead of taking - what's this? - *medicine* that might actually make them... *gasp*... feel better. I guess that's why most guys are best served by having someone in charge of the details like medicine, kleenex, and non-spoiled milk.

Let's go see how he's doing and if he needs anything else... :)


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