Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yet again, time has flown.

And in this last month lots of things have transpired. I now have a job tutoring in addition to my schooling and housewivery - and I'm hopefully going to have a contract working on an astrobiology curriculum (educating students about the sources of the materials and conditions from which life on earth arose). That won't start until next week and will go until at least the end of June, if not longer. Ed's *very* happy that I now make some money, even if it's not a lot. Like I wasn't busy enough before... but I do like what I'm doing so it's still not really -work-.

I'm a little less than a month away from graduation and I think my probability class might stress me out even more in the next month - I have to learn how to take a double integral. To explain my previous foray into math prior to this class explains why this is a potential source of stress... The last (and only) time I took calculus was 8 years ago and I took Business calculus (also known as calculus for people who don't need any more math). I do like math, and I'm glad I have this challenge. The Hermione in me, though, does get a little stressed. Ed thinks it's hot that I want to spew math at him as a way of preparing for a test and that I tutor Algebra I. Hey, whatever floats his boat. :P

I need to go do laundry and take a shower - and I'm not doing any more work until tomorrow. I think I'm going to go watch some recorded Science channel program that would bore the stuffing out of most anyone. Or, if I can keep Natha occupied & out of the room, I'll watch Desperate Housewives. That probably won't work though, and he'll end up watching Spongebob and I'll end up doing laundry and cleaning up the house. Oh well.

Let's go see what happens now!


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