Thursday, December 29, 2005

So I got sick of laying around and got my butt in gear...

...cause being sick and pining for my honey didn't get me very far. I've pretty much finshed fixing up our bedroom and bathroom - I need to get two more stackable cube unit thingies to use temporarily until we create a bed from them with drawers underneath. My office is still a mess and will probably remain so until Natha goes back to school next wednesday. The christmas decorations need to be taken down (all 5 of them) and put away in the basement and the guest room needs putting together - those two will be tackled tomorrow. I'm striking a balance between spending time with Natha and getting things done around the house. If I spend too much time on the house, Natha turns into a heathen, and if I spend all my time with him, I sit around like a knot on a log. It's been quite warm here the last couple days so Natha's been playing outside, drawing Death Stars and Clone Trooper armies on the driveway.

Ed's still not home yet - this is his busiest time of the year, so he's working more than most humans could. We went to Toot's for dinner together, though - which was some quality eatin' time. The only problem with him being gone so long is getting in the habit of eating dinner at a restaurant instead of cooking at home. We'd gotten into a routine of home-cookin' that has since fallen by the wayside. When I've got a husband back I'll start cooking again - and I'll still cook things if we don't eat dinner together and leave him LO's in the fridge which always makes him happy. He'll also be happy that there are only two small boxes left in our bedroom - everything else is put away and I assembled nightstands for each of us today so it doesn't look like we're camping out anymore.

Thank goodness for the programmable thermostats - they make it possible for us to only heat the house in the parts we're using. We have two separate units - one for the ground floor and one for the bedrooms and my office - which are both set for different temperatures at different times of the day. Ed keeps looking for the gas bill, which hasn't arrived yet, to get an idea of the scope of what it costs to heat this behemoth house. The reason I mention that is because it's currently colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra in Ed's office where I'm typing - which it's supposed to be this time of night - so I'm cutting this post short(er) and going in the living room to snuggle under my huge foreign blanket and rotisserie in front of our gas fireplace...


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