Sunday, February 19, 2006

So Natha had a bad dream about Thriller last night... I went up to his room and tried to give him some tools to think of to make the dream less scary - like thinking of a map when you're having a dream about being lost or thinking of his favorite dog, Luci, when a monster is chasing him. He got distracted from thinking about the dream, went to the bathroom, and went back to sleep. This morning after breakfast he informed me that if zombies were to attack the house that he'd take care of it - he's lead them into the office where the computer is, then turn on the Thriller video. The zombies would then hear the music, get distracted, and start dancing. That would solve the zombie problem. I commended him for his quick thinking and problem solving skills. 'Cause if we get attacked by zombies, the odds are that something seemingly silly like that would actually solve the problem.

I took the first math test I've had in almost 8 years on friday - I'm used to 3-hour-long essay tests about the intricacies of molecular biology, not 50 minute math tests where you answer 4 problems in less than a paragraph. Fortunately the instructor thought ahead and put a 20 point bonus question at the end, of which I'm sure I got at least part of it correct. I screwed up one of the 25 point problems completely, though - I approached it wrong in the first place, then was overconfident that I'd solved it enough to not go back and re-think it. Ah, I'll just have to learn from it. Doesn't do any good to beat my brain silly over it - that would just paralyze me to the point where I'd shut down.

One of my classes is on weekends - 3 weekends a semester, to be exact. I thought I had class this weekend and then I realized I didn't - which was nice, because I didn't feel like studying yet and since this is the last weekend of class there's a test *and* the final exam on saturday. So, I can spend next week working on my independent studies, grading, and studying for this psychology class. As if that's not enough.

Ed went to work out today - the first time in a while. I try to get him to work out but the easiest way to get him to do that is to play racquetball with him. The problem is that I despise racquetball and all it stands for. He subsequently doesn't want to play with me if I'm not interested in it, and the problem is that I'm not ever going to be the slightest bit interested in being in a little room, moving quickly and smacking the crap out of a little ball with a racquet. He's got a better chance of me playing basketball with him, honestly. He's partially going to start working out for health reasons, but also because he's gained weight since we've been together and isn't happy about that. He asked me the other day why I didn't seem to be very concerned about it - I told him that I loved him for who he was and not what he looked like, and that my two reasons for being concerned are 1)because of health reasons and 2)because it bothers him. I'm actually kind of conflicted about it because I've taken good enough care of him and cooked enough good meals to fatten him up, which is flattering to me. I derive a lot of happiness from making sure people are taken care of, and gaining weight is one of those signs. :)

I've got to go check on the kid and start working on ecology and grading for labs - I'm getting emails from people asking how they're doing and I need something more concrete to tell them than just 'you're fine!'


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