Thursday, February 16, 2006

So EEK! I didn't realize it had been this long...

...since I posted here. I have a livejournal that gets updated every once-in-a-while, but still more than this. I suppose I should post here more often considering my honey forks over $$ for this particular domain name. :)

Speaking of which, the honey has arrived.

We've moved into the house, put almost everything away, I started my last semester of school before I graduate, and I'm quite busy with that. 15 hours will do that to you (regular class load for a graduate student is 9 hours.)

Correction, that was a neighbor going to their house. I went and got all excited for No good Reason.

Natha had the full testing/evaluation to see what's going on in his little head and the conclusion by the medication-conservative psychologist is that - get this - he just needs medication. No counseling, no parenting classes, just a few behavior modifications at home and school and a little pill with breakfast in the morning. Ed and I both enjoy better living through chemistry, so why wouldn't we allow him to?

And man, with the medicine, he's like the super-perfect kid. He's still himself, just shinier, calmer, and not as "why the hell did you do that?" He also seems to like himself more - he realizes he has control over himself. He's been able to pay attention long enough to do things like read a book - before he would want to do it, but get distracted and/or frustrated after 2 words. Now he can sound out the words and remembers his sight words better. He's just as well behaved if not more than the other kids in the class, too. They're no longer saying his name all the time because he did something he shouldn't have.

We'd adjusted to how he was as he grew up and accepted it - I never wore high-heeled shoes, only flats, when I was around him so that I could chase after him at a moment's notice. That's cool for a 2 year old, but I had to do that up until he was over 5. People said that he was just a boy and he's grow out of it - and not to do anything. They made me quite mad because they didn't see him not wanting to be doing the things wrong - he wanted to sit still and behave and he couldn't. He started thinking that his teacher giving him a sticker for behaving was a completely stochastic process.

Enough about that - I've got to go cook the midget some grub. Hopefully I'll find some more time later to vent my mind about all things *ME*. :)


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