Thursday, February 16, 2006

So I also forgot to mention...

...something that has to do with the previous post before the hiatus - Natha doesn't sing to himself when he's on the soma (as we call it). As the medicine wears off, he starts singing and spinning around in circles... :)

The funny thing was that the school psychologist (who didn't spend but maybe 30 minutes on his case and obviously didn't spend much time with him) was concerned that he was talking to himself. I promply told them that he was actually singing, if they listen closely. She also said she was concerned that he scored high in the atypicality portion. To that I replied that seeing as though I was always atypical I saw it as a positive aspect of his personality.

Here's another odd note about him - he's a collector. He picks up random things off the floor or things otherwise discarded and keeps them. He then usually sticks them in his pockets and I find them in the dryer. I've found keys attached to strings, beads, rocks, and paper clips. It's so much of a problem that I've had to threaten him with taking money away from him if I find anything else in the dryer. In one load alone I found 7 rocks, 2 paper clips, 3 buttons and a quarter. And that's a week's worth of clothes. He even asks me where his 'collections' are sometimes. Yep, my son's a collector.

If you want to hear a (what I consider to be cool) podcasts, check these out. And they're free! :)


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