Saturday, February 18, 2006

So today's the designated day for me to do nothing...

...since we *actually* got snow last night and this morning and our driveway is a huge hill that doesn't bode well to travel during a wintery mix. I'm personally 100% ok with driving in snow, it's just that our driveway is quite an incline and *starting* the travel in our case is the prohibitive factor. Ed went this morning and moved the cars down to the street sliding all the way so we can go somewhere - we just decided not to this morning.

I was quite excited to have the house to myself last night - Ed, Natha, and Uncle Bob went to ArenaCross last night and then went out to an asian restaurant where they have fish neck. I stayed home, made a prosciutto sandwich and parked on the couch to watch a movie. Since we have DVR (where we can record shows and watch them whenever - the digital cable's TiVo) I accumulate movies that I'd like to watch but don't have the time to watch right then. Most of them are regarding topics Ed and Natha would whine about if subjected to - so I have to wait until they're gone or at least don't want to play video games for a while before I can start them. Last night it was between Chicago (which I'd already seen but wanted to see again) and Secretary. The latter won, and I sat there under a blanket with the fire on and watched the whole thing. Since it was on the Oxygen channel, I think that several key parts were missing so I'll have to get the unedited version sometime. Still, you get the point and it's a well-made movie. Not something you can watch with the kids underfoot - just the movie to watch when everyone's out of the house. I should have opened a bottle of riesling and made it a girl's night (as compared to a girls' night.) I was in bed and had just fallen asleep when they got home. Then from them waking me up I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and went downstairs and ate some peanut butter cups before we both went to bed.

Natha just came in and was asking to look up Thriller since we were watching Vh1 and there was something on there about it. So we consulted Google and found this which may start a bit slow but it's worth watching the whole thing to see the little lego people dance at the end. :)

It's time to go eat dinner for Erin's birthday, which was yesterday - I think we're going to a Mediterranean restaurant. So Later....


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