Friday, August 05, 2005

So I have no business having another kid...

...there are too many things I like doing that I'm not really wanting to give up to have a kid. Here's a list:

Uninterrupted showers
Driving the car I want (NO MINIVANS!)
Natha being able to go just about anywhere with me
Traveling alone, as a couple, or as a family
Not having kid-junk all in the kitchen cupboards (no sippy cups, bottles, nipples, kid spoons, special bowls, all that crap)
Moving through life stroller-free
Being able to read a book while Natha is swimming in the baby pool
Taking a short nap just about whenever I want to
Leaving small objects lying about without worrying if someone will swallow them
Having a leather couch without any stains, tears, or spots on it
Not having to censor my conversations (other than sex & profanity), especially not having to change how I say something so he understands it (kid-speak)
Keeping regular food in the house and not making something special for a kids to eat
Having a helper for cooking instead of having to make sure he's not getting in trouble
Being able to have a (large) margarita at dinner without it causing trouble later
Buying formula and/or diapers constantly

And these are just the ones I'm thinking of today! Ed, I'm sure you're happy about that... let's hope you don't change *your* mind now or we'll be back where we started!

To all of you who are having small children, want to, or have them now - I salute you for what you sacrifice for the sake of your children. I'm just not going to join you anytime soon - and don't be surprised if I never do again. :)


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