Saturday, July 30, 2005

So I'm back from the pool today... feels like a weekday since we had a schedule like mon-fri since Ed's working today. I had some fun being the cool chick teaching the guys & dads how to make a big splash with a can-opener off of the diving board during the 10 minute break - while all the other girls were trying to look pretty or just reading and not paying attention. It's always funny (and fun) to get the male attention in more than one way - not only was I wearing a Charlie's Angels-esque bikini, but I was giving them pointers since they couldn't make as big of a splash as I could.

I sometimes forget and get momentarily distracted by bright-shiny-objects called boys. Mind you, they're boys, not men - I have yet to meet a boy who was so good looking he could rely on it solely to get whatever he wanted who had subsequently matured into someone capable of taking care of anyone other than himself. Sure, they're pretty to look at, but do they bring you tampons when you call them in a frenzy, or pay attention and do sweet things just when you need them to? No, they don't. I was in the world of boys for so long that I forgot there was another category in the male species called 'men'. I figured that the only males who were actually men were so much older than me that I couldn't be attracted to them and had given up on finding men until I found the average-age man attractive. The guy over about 35 I could possibly be attracted to is Sean Connery, and that's just because the mental attraction overrides the lack of physical attraction for guys that old. None of the other guys over 35 do anything for me (meaning those less than 10 years older than me - as I age, it'll go up, I swear.)

Then came Ed.

See, I wasn't looking for men to date - I wasn't attracted to any of the men, and I had sworn off boys - particularly 'bad boys' who are the worst sort. I happened to find the one bad boy who had become a man at a younger age and had a good enough idea of himself to not be intimidated by my presence.

So I still, on occasion, get googly-eyed at some pretty-boy (a boy with a nice body who rely upon it to get what he gets - and doesn't have anything else of merit going for him) but then I remember that I've got a man who takes care of me better than any other could think of trying to and gives me opportunities to be and do things that other men wouldn't even dare agree to. Not to mention that he's the smartest and most interesting person that I know - and even though I'm quite a pain in the ass most of the time, he's ok with that because to not be would be hoping I would change - and hoping people change isn't ever a good idea. Then I stop being googly-eyed for the pretty-boys and start getting warm & fuzzy (among other things) for my husband and want to partake in some pernicious snuggling.

Natha's a tired little monkey who's about to go to bed - we're watching Futurama at his request - we've watched at least 3 episodes tonight at this point, maybe more. He's become interested in space stuff lately - I need to take him back to the planetarium for the show on the different planets...

Right now he's having fun cutting the Val-Pak of coupons that was addressed to him (*nudge nudge wink wink*) into *very* tiny pieces with a pair of scissors. All the mail like that we get is addressed to Natha, if you know what I mean. He even throws out the AOL CD's before opening them at this point - and this is the boy who has spent the last two days thumbing through the Oriental Trading catalog looking at lots of cool-yet-useless junk - doesn't take much to occupy him sometimes...


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