Saturday, August 19, 2006

We've survived Natha's first sleep-over party...

But boy are we tired (and there were only two other kids!) We OD'd on pizza, Sprite, and Bugs Bunny last night, followed by a generous helping of MarioKart and WarioWare Mega Party this morning. They woke up at 6am this morning, trying to sneak downstairs without us hearing them so they could go play Star Wars *outside*. I hope they didn't wake the neighbors! I went outside about 30 minutes later to see what they were doing and they informed me that they had "quietly" went outside "because if we stayed inside and played we'd wake you up and you would get mad."

Damn right I'd be mad. It's 6:00am on a Saturday morning! (Just kidding, and I knew what they were doing the whole time, cursed Mother Ears...)

We then went to the Zoo, where we saw all of the animals (they ran between each exhibit), at lunch there, and played on the playground too. In the middle of the playgroud playing we had popsicles & and Icee.

Natha tried to "entertain" his guests with a 1970's Toho movie, Godzilla and King Ghidorah, but that didn't go over well last night, so we switched to some Looney Tunes. Now Natha's downstairs by himself watching it, happy as a clam. I forget how odd he is compared to most kids. Part of that's from my influence, and part of it just happened.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs and came across the following link. For those of you who don't understand modern American art, particularly Jackson Pollock, this site explains it for the kinesthenic computer person. It's all about evidence of movement. At least to me it is. :)

I'm going to go downstairs and read some more magazines, since Ed's nowhere to be found. I think he ran off with Uncles Bob & Scott, perhaps to the Int'l market or to a home improvement store of some kind. O Husband, Where Art Thou? Damn them all to Hell if they went to see Snakes on a Plane after I specifically told them I wanted to go with. (That would mean something if I really believed there was a Hell to go to, but you get the point.)

Speaking of which, another hilariously funny link lies here, where you can have Samuel L. Jackson send someone an amazingly personalized message via email or phone. Even if you don't send it, it's funny to create and listen to what it says. It reminds me of when Pythonline had the option to send someone an email 'abusing' them Monty Python style. For example, you could tell someone you would Fart in their General Direction, then sign the letter Your Ex-Parrot. I sent those to many-a-person before it disappeared.

Well, time for the weekly 'nothing'! Yay!


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