Friday, August 11, 2006

My mom is going to have Natha for the weekend...

...his last before 1st grade. School starts Monday and we should be able to find out his teacher's and classmates' names this afternoon on our way to Mama's.

Natha and I have had a last-hurrah time these last two days - I've been at home since I'm not as busy with work. We've watched many-a-movie and he's been on me like white on rice. Yesterday was more errands, and we watched Osmosis Jones in the afternoon. Today's been more of a TV-fest with Empire Strikes Back, several Bugs Bunny cartoons (including Bully for Bugs), three episodes of Futurama (for Ed, Scott, and Bob, that would be Fry and the Slurm Factory, Mars University, and When Aliens Attack), and now he's watching Mystery Men. We're an Indiana Jones movie and a UHF short of our brains exploding. :)

Ed and I had an interesting night last night. He's had more latinosity (as we call it) lately for several reasons - and I'm not used to it yet. Those two things breed many a misunderstanding. It's since been worked out, though. He's just got more pizzaz about him, and he's more *extreme!* than I've been used to - that plus my funk/stress level lately means I'm not as tolerant. Crisis averted, however, after a mini-catharsis.

I'm not sure what's planned for this weekend. Since I'm the seemingly-social director, you think I'd have some idea on a Friday afternoon. I might need to make some calls to make sure we're not spending Saturday night washing out proverbial hair.

I taught Natha something I'm not sure I should have... but he does seem to enjoy it. In the movie Kung Fu Hustle the Landlady chases the main character away from Pig Sty Alley saying things like "Axe Gang, my ass!" and "Boss, my ass!" so I felt I should explain when one should use that phrase...

So, now Natha's using it correctly sometimes and overdoes it too. I think it's funny, though. Kind of like this morning when Natha came to get me out of bed. I admit, I enjoy lounging and am not the easiest to get up in the morning. Natha came in this morning and told me that if I got up really quick we could all go eat breakfast this morning before Ed went to work. (Ed was already downstairs and awake.) I, of course, got out of bed and got dressed really quick. While I was downstairs getting dressed, Ed came into the room and it became obvious that Ed had told Natha the two of them would go get breakfast by themselves - but Natha decided that he would change the story slightly to get me out of bed & going.

Breakfast, my ass!


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