Monday, September 12, 2005

So you can tell by the gap in posting...

...that something's going on. Yep, that's true. Here's the skinny -

I went to a yoga retreat at an Orthodox Hindu monastery/ashram over Labor Day weekend, which was an interesting experience. I cleared my brain appropriately and remember why I'm where I am, doing what I'm doing, and taking care of the people I'm taking care of. The mental cobwebs of the summer have been cleared and I'm no longer (as) snarly towards other people since my journal and I figured some things out.

Ed had a 2mm kidney stone last thursday and is still hopped up on the goofballs because his kidney's still inflamed. I'm pouring water and cranberry juice down his throat to get him better as quick as I can. He's got the genes that say 'Have a kidney stone every once in a while, will ya?' so there's not much else that can be done other than a CT scan to make sure it's passable and some hydrocodone for a couple-a-four/five/six days.

I've got 13 hours of graduate classes this semester. I've had 13 hours before, but that was with a challenging 4 hour undergraduate class. With the 15 hours I'm trying to take in the spring, I should be a Master by May!

I've been trying to wrap up lots of loose ends, like having my car serviced because of recalls, getting new health insurance that doesn't suck, seeing if I can be a substitute teacher the days I don't have class until 5pm, and getting all sorts of people called and meeted with for various reasons.

Ed and I are trying to schedule our honeymoon so we can book it - but we've got this thing called a kid who needs someone to watch him. Anyone want a kid for a weekend and then take him to school monday & tuesday October 18th & 19th? We'll even let you stay in our house if you're selected! You can eat all of our ice cream if you'd like - and we stock Godiva milk chocolate and dark chocolate too. I promise! Please?

I've got to go eat some mini-dinner - I'm trying not to overeat and only eat appropriate portions as my quest for restraint (AKA moderation) is best manifested in my eating habits. It works out well with school, though, since I don't have time at established mealtimes (namely breakfast and dinner) to eat a huge meal - so I eat every 3-4 hours and have some sort of demi-meal. I'll probably write in my journal some as well, since I started again when I was at the ashram and should continue since I value my sanity. :)

Wanna see something funny my son did? Click here.

Yes, I know he's weird.


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