Thursday, August 25, 2005

So I've been watching 'A Baby Story"... make sure I don't have any maternal urges swelling up inside of me when affronted with full-on images of mommy/baby bliss. After many episodes on TLC, I've realized...

I don't have the urge.

I remember now that there's a chance, whenever one has a baby, that it ends in a C-Section. Sure, most of the time you have a healthy mom and baby - which is the important part. Then there's the healing of the cut abdominal muscles.

I don't really want to mess with that chance. I like my stomach the way it is.

I'm also looking at how I'm going to get a teaching license once I have a Master's degree - in Tennessee there are three main options, including Alternative licences A, C, and E - and I don't really understand the differences between them. Anyone have any clue??? One type sounds better for me than another, but there's got to be some option I'm missing about this situation...

The computer situation at the house is all in an upheaval at the moment - some computers are dead, others are lacking power cords, and we're trying to find the USB wireless thingy for another so it's internet-able. Who would have thought, with all the stuff we have hanging around here, that we'd be in *this* kind of trouble. Sure, we have two computers that work and have the internet, but they're both at the same desk - so I'm regaled to interneting when Ed's not here - 'cause when he's here, he's most likely sitting at this desk. :)

I've had some unbalanced doshas the past few weeks - I'm in the middle of a kapha imbalance. I haven't been this way in a while - and it's in response to the stress from waiting for school to start for the semester. See, now when the imbalance first started, I was vata imbalanced because of Natha going to school for the first time. I've been trying some Sun Salutations and more inversions to help, but there's only so much that can help me wanting to eat *all* the time. I need to at least bring my mindfulness back into the mindset of restraint - with Natha starting school, Ed working all the time, and me not distracting myself with Pikmin 2 I've fallen off of the mindfulness boat.

I think I'll go work on that now.


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